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Trump sons’ Zimbabwe hunt legal

Read what the Director of Zimbabwe National Parks has to say about the TRUMP Hunt to South Africa in 2010

It is truly sad how many people have simply abused the truth for publicity purposes in this whole saga and in attempt to do damage to the hunting industry at large.

Since Director Mudenga of the ZImbabwe National Parks went public with the truth about the Trump Hunt in ZImbabwe, all of the far right animal activists have suddenly gone silent – we can only guess in shame as yet again their leaders and governing bodies have failed to do the research and simply acted on impulse and false information.

Yet again we at Hunting Legends would like to salute the hunting industry and especially Donald Trump Jr and Eric `Trump for standing up for the industry and sticking to the facts, the truth and the integrity of the industry & conservation at large.

2012-03-26 22:50

News 24

Harare – Zimbabwe’s parks authority on Monday said US property magnate Donald Trump’s sons were licensed to hunt game on a trip two years ago, after photos of their trophies sparked online outrage.

Trump’s sons Donald Junior and Eric made a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe in 2010. Their pictures went viral on social media this month, showing them posing next to carcasses of a leopard, an elephant, a crocodile and an array of other animals.

The images drew condemnation on Facebook and Twitter, where their hunting trip was slammed as unethical. Donald Trump Jr has insisted on Twitter that he did nothing wrong.

“They were accompanied by a professional hunter, and we have done a background check on him and his license is still valid,” Caroline Washaya-Moyo, spokesperson for the parks authority said in a statement.

“Also with the Trump brothers was a ranger from the parks department who was monitoring the hunt. The animals they hunted are available for hunting in Zimbabwe.”

Although leopards are endangered, she said they can be hunted under strict conditions set by the Convention for the Trade in Endangered Species. Zimbabwe’s parks have a quota of 500 leopards that can be hunted each year, she added.

The statement came after Johnny Rodriguez, chair of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said his organization was investigating whether the Trump brothers’ hunt was legal.

The trip was organized by Pretoria-based Hunting Legends International, which specializes in big game hunts for the wealthy. The company has also insisted that the big game hunt near Victoria Falls was done by the book.