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2013 Hunting Gallery >> some highlights

Some highlights for the 2013 hunting season

Jim Burnworth & Ray Bunney

Hunting Legends hosted Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney from the ‘Western Extreme’ & ‘Choose your Weapons’ TV Shows on the Outdoor Channel. Awesome guys that just know exactly what they want and how they are going to get it. Believe me the guys had a lot of fun. The most important thing at Hunting Legends is for us and our hunters to have fun and enjoy Africa at its best. View images

Best of the West Hunting Africa

Best of the West Productions, LLC is an award-winning outdoor video production company that started in 2003. It began with interests in long range hunting using a Remington Sendero and Leupold scope and later Cooper/Huskemaw rifle system with Berger Hunting Bullets. View images

Matthew Carbone & Son

Matthew Carbone and his son Nick visited Hunting Legends on the Valley of the Kings for their first African hunt. The guys had an awesome time and after shooting their first animals on our Zeerust ranch they moved on to our Thabazimbi ranch where they finished their hunting expedition. View images