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2012 Hunting Gallery >> some highlights

Some highlights for the 2012 hunting season

Dennis Sarana & Rost Tkachenko from Russia

Denis Sarana & Rost Tkachenko visited us on the 13th of April 2012 from Russia and had only one day to do their hunting safari. Denis and Rost, both very successful business men from mother Russia were visiting a friend for his wedding and had only one day open to do an African Safari. We knew it was going to be a tough one with trying to get all the animals they wanted and only one day. A lot of organizing for a short space of time. View images

Dion & Louis

Dion & Louis, IT guys from Houston Texas just love the African outdoor. Having fun, enjoying life and getting what they want is their motto. They both came out to Hunting Legends for the second time and enjoyed themselves on Valley of the Kings Zeerust. View images

John & Kathy Price

John & Kathy Price from Pennsylvania USA visited Hunting Legends International on the Valley of the Kings Groot Marico (Zeerust) from the 9th of May 2012 to the 19th of May 2012. John & Kathy enjoyed their time tremendously and had the following to say:

“Thanks for a great trip … you guys are the best!” View images

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Mr. Elias Murr, a respected politician & International business man from Lebanon, did his homework well before choosing Hunting Legends International as his outfitter of choice. Mr. Murr had quite the wish list when he contacted Hunting Legends as this was to be his first African hunting experience. View images

Hinton Group

George Hinton and his buddies, Vinny, Mike, Jordan, Tony & Stevie all came to Africa to come and enjoy a hunting trip with Hunting Legends. They all got what they came for, their animals and a great time with friends. View images

Ray Bunny

Ray Bunny arrived on Valley of the Kings Zeerust with famous bow-hunter, Jim Burnworth. There sights was on a huge croc. Before you know it Ray with the help and Jim’s keen eye for a proper trophy. View images