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The Texas Tech Red Raiders will get their measuring stick of the year in Week 3. They will visit Tucson for a meeting against Arizona Wildcats on Saturday night. Texas Tech have had an easy time at the first two weeks, but this was against Montana State and UTEP.
Montana State is an FCS faculty and UTEP are the bottom of the barrel in the FBS. They had a couple of months to work out some kinks against poor teams, so that is a positive. The drawback for Texas Tech is they’re likely to move from 0 to 100 in one week.
The Red Raiders won’t have the benefit of playing a group who can’t throw it more than 20 yards or sustain a drive. Before Texas Tech started to roll throughout the backups on defense, nothing could be generated by UTEP. They failed to score any points until the final minutes of the contest, which resulted to break up the shutout. The question is whether it is more of a consequence of the quality of opponents they’ve played so far, or when their defense is much better this season under Matt Wells.
How I see it, it is a bit of either. Because they have been with Kliff Kingsbury in head coach texas Tech aren’t going to be as awful under Wells defensively. But don’t expect quantum jumps in 1 season. They’re not a top-10 defense. Statistically they are in the top-10 due to UTEP and Montana State. Expect them to plummet out of the top-10 after this trip to Arizona. Having said that, they won’t be close 130th in the nation from December.
The Miners fought to maneuver the ball and Montana State scored just 38 a week. The Montana State QB threw for only 136 yards. Currently, Texas Tech Need to deal with Khalil Tate and J.J. Taylor on the Street.
Tate is an energetic player that can overcome the Red Raiders. Taylor can be a tremendous pass catcher also and is the direct at Arizona. This isn’t to mention that Texas Tech would not be effective at keeping up with Arizona and Tate at a track match.
Alan Bowman can sling it around and have the crime moving at warp speed. The Wildcats’ defense has not played with an offense like this but have already been receiving torched. Hawaii run a offense that is similar, albeit not as quickly and gifted as Texas Tech, and they made it seem simple. We’ll see if anything changes against the Red Raiders. Head below to our free Texas Tech vs. Arizona select.
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The Texas Tech offense is going with Matt Wells since the bench boss for the Red Raiders. Offensive coordinator David Yost spent some time in Oregon and will be having lots of the principles from that group in Texas Tech. The speed they go at is quite much like the Marcus Mariota staff at Oregon. Alan Bowman doesn’t have the wheels that Mariota possessed, but he has.
Bowman has passed 696 yards with 1 interception and 5 touchdowns in two matches. The interception was not his mistake, because his receiver gave up on the play against UTEP. The Miners were able to amass an easy interception within their territory to neutralize what looked like an easy Texas Tech touchdown. Bowman is going to have a field day against Arizona.
The Red Raiders didn’t reveal their playbook against Montana State and UTEP. I watched both games and I don’t recall a shot throughout the center of the field. They kept all really easy to keep tape in their own playbook of the hands of Arizona. The Wildcats will employ person . It has not gone well so far for Arizona.
Hawaii transferred the ball effective in a 45-38 win. If Cole McDonald made much better choices they might have scored around 55 points. He also threw 4 interceptions to kill forces, most of which were not because of excellent plays by Arizona. And North Arizona were able to score 41 points about the Arizona defense. I can’t see this going against a Texas Tech offense, that will come at them.
The Wildcats have been 123rd in the FBS with yards despite playing Northern Arizona and Hawaii. That being said, I’m under the belief that Khalil Tate will go crazy in this competition. The Texas Tech secondary has yet to be tested. Montana State and UTEP do not possess quarterbacks, however, Arizona has one of the most dangerous in football, together with a potent running game led by J.J. Taylor.
He might not have too many set run plays called for him, but he has developed as a passer. Both groups could easily get into the 40’s in this game. Considering how fast both offenses want to go, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for drives and home run balls. A rating of 45-41 or even 48-40 looks true.

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