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D’Onta Foreman spent most of last year recovering from an Achilles tear. The Houston Texans running back played in just 1 match, catching a TD pass but taking seven carries for minus-1 lawn.
Heading toward training camp, the Texans are seeing a Foreman that is about to bring about 2019.
“He is light-years ahead of where he had been last year right now, coming off the injury and that which,” Texans running backs coach Danny Barrett said , via the Houston Chronicle. “I think he is continuing to work hard. I believe he’s had a fantastic offseason thus far. The time off from here, I thought was well spent . Getting ready to go , and that I think mentally, right now, is exactly what I look in is each and every day.
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“Being consistent mentally as far as being locked in to what we’re trying to do and improve on the small things and attempting to get back to that form where we saw prior to me coming into here, that had been the 2017 year, his first year.”
As a rookie in 2017, Foreman showed promise as a complement to Lamar Miller, with a nose for space, speed in the open, and strength to bully through arm tackles. He gathered 78 bags for 327 yards (4.2 YPC) and two touchdowns — it was on the second (a 34-yard scamper) where he blew his Achilles.
The Texans did little to upgrade the RB room in the offseason. Miller projects since the workhorse, and with Houston letting backup Alfred Blue walk into Jacksonville, Foreman is set to take over backup duties. He could become the key runner in Houston if injury strikes Miller.
Barrett said the Miller-Foreman duo is excellent for Houston since the crime doesn’t need to change based on which spine is on the area.
“As a trainer, it is obviously good because you don’t need to change up everything you’re doing,” he mentioned. “You have a seasoned back and you get a youthful back. They can feed off of each other. I simply think D’Onta — again, being the back, having a year off has kind of helped his own body but also given him a desire to get out there.
“So, I think that they’ll complement each other nicely. We do not need to change up what we are doing. They both can catch out of the backfield too.”
If Foreman recaptures the flashes of potential he showed as a rookie — still a big if at this point coming off an Achilles injury — that the Texans will have a nice one-two backfield punch for Deshaun Watson to utilize.

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