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Are you still looking for that once in a life time trophy in Africa – look no further!

Africa still has great trophy animals available and we have the right areas for these hunts. Are you looking for a big trophy, Big 5 or Plains Game? Look no further – Hunting Legends International have the trophies and the areas to suit your needs.

Contrary to popular belief, there are still big trophies out there! Records have been set AND records will continue to be broken. Perhaps Elephant may be the only specie on the planet which may not see a new world record soon, however, there are still very big elephant trophies out there and there will always be.

Are there still 100lbs + Elephants in Africa?

The answer quite simply is yes – if you have the right areas and know where to hunt them!

The challenge with conservation hunting is however to establish a disciplined approach and to conserve as much as you hunt. If we set out to shoot every 100lbs Elephant that’s still roaming out there, there would be none left and it’s that simple.

For this reason we have adopted an approach that we can only take off a limited amount of quality (and old mature) animals off the areas we hunt every year.

This has a cost implication on animal trophies of this nature, as this affects price in the end. However, for the discerned hunter who wishes to shoot something of this quality, price should not be the objective compared to quality.

Big Lions such as this, are a lot more common and available than 100lbs Elephants.

Once again, depending on the area, Lions are not as scarce as 100lb Elephants and are readily available for the trophy hunter wanting to shoot the King of the African Jungle.

As Hunting Legends specializes in the Big 5, we are proud to say that we still offer some of the finest Lion hunting safaris in all of Africa. Ranging from released Lions in the Kalahari to free roaming Lions in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, CAR and Cameroon, we have excellent areas for you to still hunt that good trophy.

Hunting Africa’s – Black Death.

Hunting the Cape Buffalo still seems to be the number one big 5 specie on most hunters wish list and with good reason. This notorius animal has certainly withstood the test of time and offers you some of the very best hunting in the world.

These animals are anything but extinct and growing in numbers rapidly. Thanks to conservation through hunting, Cape Buffalo numbers are on the increase and good trophies are popping up on every new record book.

Hunting Legends has some of the very best hunting grounds in Africa for these splendid animals and we can proudly still take you into herds of 1000 and more animals at at time. Cape Buffalo’s are also being bred intensively in Southern Africa and the numbers are rising fast. Soon there will be new records available on many game ranches in South Africa as there is in the wild areas we hunt.

For the very best in Buffalo hunting, don’t hesitate to contact Hunting Legends today.

Once again and contrary to popular belief – Leopards are anything but scarce or extinct!

Once again conservation has proven its salt as sound management principles and limited tags has secured us the privilege of still being able to hunt these gracious animals. However, the best Leopard hunting we currently do, is in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania.

Hunting Legends annually reserves a number of these tags in our different areas and we can still offer you some of the most exciting Leopard hunts with or without hound dogs.

As you may notice, we have excluded Rhino in this page as we don’t specialize in Rhino hunts. although we still have access to a limited number of tags.

What about good plains game trophies and new records?

Are the days of world records on plains game done?

Not in our opinion. In fact we believe that thanks to game ranching in Southern Africa, many records are still going to be broken or matched. We annually hunt a large number of plains game and the trophy sizes are still increasing in most of our own areas. Once again good management principle are important and remains the core of our business model.

If quantity has to replace quality our business is doomed for failure and we will not make that sacrifice with greed being the only winner.

As an example, take a look at the following photo recently taken of an excellent and certainly world class Blue Wildebeest in one of our hunting areas.

Both these animals are gold medal trophies,. however, the one on the right will measure in excess of 36 inches.

If you’re looking for that Safari of a life time, please don’t hesitate to contact Hunting Legends today for that free no obligation quote and enjoy the qualities of Africa like none other.

Do we still get to shoot some big trophies? YOU BET – take a look!


    Take a loom at some of the big trophies taken by Adrian and the team.

  • Big Elephant

  • Big Lion

  • Bic Crocodiles

  • Big Hippo

Big everything – more to come …

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