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Errol Spence Jr informed Shawn Porter that he fights like he is”drowning and does not understand how to swim” as tensions rose at the pre-fight press conference.
“You’re an in-shape street fighter.
“I’m prepared for whatever he can bring to the table. He’s been talking a great deal, and I wish to knock him out.”
Porter, the WBC champion, replied:”He keeps saying the exact things. He wants to knock me out, and so on and so forth.
“But he did not knock out 135lbs Mikey Garcia so that he ai not knocking out 147lbs’Showtime’ Shawn Porter.
“nobody cares around me once I get out of the ring. People complained you couldn’t knock out 135lbs Mikey Garcia.
“I will be there until the last round.”
Spence Jr maintained:”We will see, it might not be the previous round.
“I’m prepared for a dog fight, all it takes to win.”
The winner could take home the IBF and WBC names and move to supremacy – Manny Pacquiao is the WBA champion and the WBO belt of the division is held by Terence Crawford.

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