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Catriona Matthew insisted that higher was rated by top Europe in her career than her Women’s British Open victory.
Team USA looked on course to retain the trophy in the late stages of Sunday’s singles, but Bronte Law came from behind to conquer Ally McDonald about the 17th
Pettersen resisted the strain to nail the winning putt from six feet before declaring that could be the”closing chapter” in her professional career, and Matthew insisted she’d had any doubts that the Norwegian would justify her inclusion.
“I had faith in her time,” said Matthew, who stood by her claim earlier this week that a Solheim Cup win would be bigger than her major breakthrough in Royal Lytham 10 years ago. “That is the very best for me without doubt. Together with the team around you, nothing tops this to become fair.
“It’s unbelievable, there has not been a better second. It was likely to come down to some putt there or here and for Suzann to receive it, that’s phenomenal. It was a fantastic second and a fantasy.
“All 12 of those players, they played their hearts out. We knew it was going to come down and for Suzann to hole it, although to be shut? It was a wonderful team performance. They all contributed a great deal and we would have won it if it wasn’t for many people.
“I feel this is one of the greatest women sporting events on earth. Clearly the Women’s World Cup is huge, but that – such as the Ryder Cup – has increased hugely over the past 30 years since it started. It is such a spectacle of women’s golf. And for this to return to this last game, that last putt, you just can’t get anything more intriguing ”
Asked to describe her emotions since Pettersen was lining her up match-clinching birdie putt, Matthew added:”I really could hardly watch, really. It is much worse watching. You’re kind of at the present time and at the zone, when you’re playing, and you’ve got control.
“But when you are watching, you just have to faith from the participant that’s on the market, and they’re all great players. And I’d confidence that they went to perform it. However, it boils down to this putt?
“It’s only been a excellent week. We have had great performances from everybody. We had to get there although Everybody remembers the putt. So, well done everybody.”
Matthew also paid tribute to Pettersen later she announced her retirement, adding:”On the past 15 or 20 years, Suzann has been among the trailblazers in Western women’s golfclubs. I believe we have played eight Solheim Trainers, seven . So, she’s simply been a huge portion of the Solheim Cup and women’s golf.
“It is such a special time for her. If it happens to be her very last minute in professional golf, well, might as well go out at the top.”

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