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The range of emotions on screen over the past 10 days in F1 have motivated me to write this journal. I will be reflecting on those feelings as I go through the piece.
It’s been a few years since I’ve been around the Italian Grand Prix however it always means a lot to me since, as I have mentioned previously, it has a unique place within my heart. Proud
Having checked in our hotel after an early flight on Wednesday morning, we headed into the centre of Milan to take a look at the venue for the Ferrari parade after that day and find some footage of the setup and the lovers queueing to see their personalities. The Piazza in front of the Duomo di Milano had been taken over. All ages were and all waiting in the searing Italian sunshine to make sure they had the ideal spot potential to see the show that evening. Excitement
We then left Milan to go to the circuit in Monza and gather some more equipment – and even stop off to the first of many ice creams (or gelatos) within the week. After we returned to the square the scene which greeted us was phenomenal.
The Piazza del Duomo was totally packed with Scuderia Ferrari lovers. The audience extended way past the square. A friend further out sent me a photo of the scene beyond the bounds of this throng of individuals too late to find a view but hoping to see something. It wasn’t until we took up our position that we were able to fully enjoy what was before us. Incredulity
Ferrari were celebrating 90 decades of emotion, which said the posters and the backdrops. With that they brought out drivers that were past to rapturous applause to the stage and all of them spoke to our Sky Italia colleagues who hosted the event. The audience were treated to this announcement the crowd cheered more and that the Monza circuit had signed up a deal to continue hosting the GP. Happiness
If this had been loud, it had been nothing when compared with this welcome which Mick Schumacher received. It is apparent that Michael is very close to every Ferrari fans’ hearts. It felt like a truly psychological reaction from the audience and a reply that will carry a message to Michael and the rest of his household that all Ferrari lovers, all motorsport fans, are still thinking of him. For Mick, it was a sign of what might come should he don the red F1 overalls that immediately carry with them the hopes of a nation along with the adulation of the Tifosi. Expectation
Finally, it was time for Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Charles began up the walk the red carpet, sunglasses , as one facet of the square was bathed in solid evening sunshine, and he made his way up the steps onto the stage.
As far as he can see, people cheered him applauding him filming him. He took out his phone and began filming them, a movie I am sure he has watched several times since. You can just imagine what ran through his mind but arriving on the back of the win in Spa had made him a hero to such fans.
People tell you all of the timing of their Tifosi, the loyal but demanding fans of this Scuderia, also of the incredible service for the group and its drivers, but there, laid out in front of him, in tens of thousands of faces has been the reality of what it really means to push for the most successful group in the history of the game. Realisation
Seb responded and the crowd came to the stage. He had also taking out his mobile phone , and respectfully let Charles appreciate his second before linking him. They love Seb too, even though he hasn’t given them a win since Belgium. The love is strong and the service is by what is most likely the toughest time in his career enduring. That was it if there’s anything as an equivalent of a giant hug. Gratitude
I made a better knowledge of every motorist on the grid would like to use red to that event. I believe we will see Lewis in crimson at some point sooner rather than later. After all, nearly everyone is able to go for 2021. Appreciation
With no seeing the tributes to Anthoine Hubert, who we tragically lost in Spa, I can not speak about the Monza weekend, along with our thoughts and prayers continue to be delivered to Juan Manuel Correa, his family members and friends. The drivers also did them proud and took to the track for the very first time. The French national anthem has been played in the request of their drivers on the podium in the end of Race 1 along with also the Tricolore held after Race 2 to the podium. Respect
Sebastian was obviously not content, after qualifying on Saturday. The tow could make a difference . Therefore that it was no real surprise to see teams attempting to use it we had talked about it.
What was a surprise was that while we watched the clock tick down in the end of Q3, we can see how the teams left it – but they could not. Or when they can, they still believed they’d be ok.
Two teams or one can afford to take this risk but the complete top 10 sat in their own garage waiting for someone else to divide the atmosphere for them. It turned out Nico Hulkenberg who began the stampede, but he went down to the escape road and weaved his way through the chicane. The package that had left the corner slowed down so Nico would have to rejoin in again, wasting valuable time. Then came the jostling for position, no more but more of gentleman’s excuse me!
Carlos Sainz went to it, his staff which makes it obvious about the radio he needed to go. Radio communications were frenzied, but in the number 5 Ferrari, Seb waited to get ahead of him to get its pre-agreed tow. Leclerc did eventually get in front, but it had been too late, neither motorist would make it before the chequered flag dropped. Frustration. Disbelief
The driver interviews were fascinating. Nico was asked by me when he took to the escape street in the hope that when he came out he would be behind someone. He gave me an answer but it was not to the question I’d asked. Meanwhile, those who seemingly deliberately took into the escape street and stated he believed they ought to incur penalties were criticised by his team-mate.
We had observed cars bunch up in F3 plus a minimal out-lap laptime rule was immediately brought in to try and stop the same in other races but it did not matter, qualifying was over from the exit of turn 2 when 1 minute 18 was left in the clock and it was clear we were going to be refused an exciting shootout for pole. Annoyance
Day was chaos. When we got word that it had been closed to cars we had been on our minibuses beyond the Monza playground. We decided to roam and disembarked after waiting 15 minutes on the bus without even going all. We combined the thousands of enthusiasts who made their way and then confronted gridlock. Nobody went everywhere. As we waited for the hint of movement up 18, it was like Q3 all over again.
Finally someone explained to the police that there were people working at the race that could not undergo and the route down the side was opened to us. Perhaps this season that the fans needed to get into the track sooner than previously since they genuinely believed they could see a Ferrari win again for the very first time there because 2010 and bag their place although I have never noticed in my previous visits to Monza. Hope
Plus they did. Despite all Mercedes’ finest efforts. There has been much discussion of Leclerc only getting the flag for his defence of his place, we had FIA race director Michael Masi to explain the stewards’ conclusions, however the argument between fans rumbles on. Lewis told me after the race:”It looks like the new creation get away with a good deal more in that space of the way that they manoeuvre their automobile in comparison to, I’d say, the more seasoned drivers, but it’s good understanding, now I know and look forward to another one”
He was smiling as he said and that is watching what is considered ok and with that to his advantage time. We want the drivers battling for position, duelling, stalking the auto in front ever closer lap after lap, and ultimately making the transfer. We do not need positions handed in the stewards’ room. Anticipation
Charles’ triumph was a one in the paddock. Not only because it supposed a Ferrari win in Monza and the scenes that follow. Not just because he fought so hard. Not only because he is a favorite guy who is a joy to work with. This really is a 21-year-old that has lost his godfather, his father and mentor, along with his friend, in the space of the previous four years. One of that was just last weekend when he had his very first race win and rightly celebrations were muted. That is a young guy who was finally able to express everything he was feeling for so long in several loud cries. Goosebumps were sent by the emotions in these exclamations . Exultation
Talking of drivers that are experienced, it had been a day to overlook Sebastian. There’s been quite a great deal to my query to Seb about whether he has a love for the game, in the pencil. {The question wasn’t pre-planned at all, but from his body language and his answers this was|The question was n’t bu

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