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Week 1 of the NFL supplied us with what we can ask for. We had a stimulating matchup between the Texans and Saints, we have some clarity on how good the Bears are, or aren’t, some??received a considerable change of heart on Marcus Mariota and the Titans, along with a couple of teams we thought would be quite good might??really be great — I’m looking at??you Ravens and Cowboys.
Coming into the year, only a few Futures lines were that gave an outlook about how the year might unfold to us. By way of example, the Bears were favorites to win the NFC North at +175 but using a Week 1 loss??against the Packers to open the entire year, these lines have been adjusted.
Together with the Bears falling to +325 the Vikings are the favorites at +125, followed by the Packers at +150. It’s too early to pinpoint whether or not the Bears could nevertheless be a great team this season, but their program does not get any simpler with the??Saints, Chargers, Eagles, Rams, Cowboys, Packers in Lambeau, and Chiefs nevertheless to playwith. It is going to be a challenging effort to replicate the 12-win achievement of last year Although the Bears could nevertheless have a 10-win season. Then you’re off to a fantastic start, In case you followed Scott Hastings suggestion of shooting Bears UNDER 9 wins.
Week 1 overreaction: The Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl! Week 1 reality: The Cowboys may be as great as we believe they are. New Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore may be molding Dak Prescott into a significant pass-heavy threat. Prescott revealed signs of greatness posting a completion percentage with 405 yards tying a career-high that was private. His 25 finished passes were to seven distinct receivers, two of which had 100-yard times — Michael Gallup (158 yards) and Amari Cooper (106 yards).
Yes, it was against the Giants, but when the Cowboys continue to roll just like that they did in Week 1, then the Eagles (-150 to win the NFC East) could have??some real competition. The Cowboys moved to from +140. Their program for the upcoming few weeks is looking hot as they are set up to face an easier slate of passing guards. It’s got to feel good to be holding a??Dallas to make the playoffs (-105) ticket right now.
There was so much hype in the preseason within the Cleveland Browns. A group which has won a combined eight games in the previous three seasons has been the favorite to win the AFC North at +125, followed closely by the Steelers (+160) along with the Ravens (+325). They disappointed, permitting Marcus Mariota to pass for 248 yards, three??touchdowns and zero interceptions, whereas Baker Mayfield needed a tough opener with three picks.
One of the team props before the onset of the year was Baltimore OVER 8 wins and may have been paired together with the Ravens to??make the playoffs. With Week 1 Lamar Jackson along with his squad proceed up to favorites to win the division at EVEN.
The Ravens next five matches seem enticing, as they confront 4-5 teams that were underside 10 in rushing defense last year, which bodes well for a team piled with running backs which consisted of 262 rushing yards in Week 1 against the Dolphins. In Week 5, the Steelers are faced by them but it will not be a game.
A division that’s up in the air and probably to go after week. Three of those four groups found a reduction in Week 1 with all the winner becoming a Tennessee Titans team that was sudden. Not only did they cover since 5.5-point road dogs, however, they won outright, setting a Browns team to shame outscoring them 43-13.
Prior to the season, they were 4th in consideration to win the division at +500 and today find themselves in a better place at +185 behind the Texans (+135).
It is going to be intriguing to find out where this Tennessee staff will go this season. Therefore inspiration will be a factor for him separately week after week mariota is currently in his final year of his rookie deal.
You can probably write these teams away:
Even the Cardinals and Dolphins will be the 2 teams likely to be’fighting’ to make the No. 1 overall draft selection in 2020 so I do not expect much from one of these teams recorded.

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