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Lion Hunt with a bow – Vinny Berranco

In lieu of an email received from Mr. Scott Sherif (Canada) who obviously puts the interest of the greater hunting community first in life, Hunting Legends has been requested to remove this video link. In discussion with Scott, what comes across in the video from a pure neutral point of view is the actual final minutes and not the run up to the hunt. This leaves a lot of doors open to speculation and opinions, especially if you weren’t on the hunt yourself.

As we as hunters are constantly under attack from anti’s who would jump at each and every opportunity to critisize and belittle our industry, we have decided to remove the video footage as suggested.

However, we are willing to share the following facts with you:

  • The hunt in mention took place on a large 50,000 acre ranch.
  • It was a fair chase and total legal hunt as prescribed by the relevant authorities.
  • The actual footage filmed was of a lion hunt which took over 4 hours and was filmed by Sportsmen of North America.
  • The reflected clip only showed the last few minutes of the hunt, and the run up and details of what took place was not reflected on the video, thus creating an opportunity for people to speculate.
  • We will try to get the full footage and request a remake of this clip, showing the run up to the actual hunt which should resolve all the questions, speculations and potential conflict.

We have done this in good faith and to support the integrity of the hunting industry at large.