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clipart_people_019As you will notice we aren’t just crazy about hunting, but also about “Real Africa Legends”, hence we have decided to share our passion and hobby with you and let you in on the best books you will ever find on the topic. Below you will find some of the best reading on “Hunting Legends” in the world.

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LEBOMBO JOURNALSThe LEBOMBO Journals was written by a living legend Van Reeenen Van Vuuren.

Van Reenen now retired, and living on the banks of the migthy Olifants river in the Lowveldt of South Africa is a true legend of his time!

Van Reenen Van Vuuren grew up in the Free State, Lowveldt, Rhodesia, but, in his words – “as well, experienced pleasant temporary habitation at a variety of obscure public amenities. As well as game ranger, tobacco farmer, hired gun and artist, he also set out to prove that nothing could really be proven wrong. The LEBOMBO Journals is an inspiring and captivating recollection of the legend himself, how he came to fight many battles in life. Not only against poachers, but also against human greed who tried to destroy the country and nature this man so passionately loves.

You can order the memoirs of Van Reenen Van Vuuren in the LEBOMBO Journals and if you do so now, will share the privilege of receiving a personally signed and autographed version for you of this fascinating book. It is seldom if not unheard of that you and I are offered such an opportunity and investment to purchase a book, personally signed by the likes of Van Reenen himself.

It is not only worth its weight in gold, but every penny gained in living the dream and experiences with the legend himself. You can contact Van Reenen Van Vuuren personally on: + 27 82 677 1179 for more information on his book and work.

My Wanderings Through Africa (limited, signed edition) – Cameron
In South Africa, names like Coenraad de Buys, Karel Trichardt, Henry Heartly, Petrus Jacobs (110 lions, 750 elephants), Jan Viljoen, Major P. J. Pretorius, and, more recently, Nico van Rooyen, Bertie Guillaume, and Mike Cameron will often come up in discussions around the campfire.

Mike was born in 1939 and grew up in the Koedoesrant (Kudu’s Hill) area of the northern Transvaal. That was an era when hunting was a necessity, an everyday part of life, and Mike devoted himself to it with a passion. As a professional hunter, Mike Cameron spent more than thirty years hunting in various countries such as Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, South Africa, CAR, and Zambia.

On one safari, his client and his colleague’s client both wounded a leopard, and Mike was left to follow both leopards alone into the tall grass. Then there was the time a client arrived for a full dangerous-game safari . . . only problem was that the man wore a squeaky brace on one leg! There are adventures with lion, elephant, sable, crocodile, and hippo. Then there were the clandestine years when Mike spent his time fighting in the bush wars in southern Africa. Throughout his long career, the urge to see what was beyond the next mountain or valley, as well as a good sense of humor and an instinctive understanding of the indigenous mentality, saw him through many difficulties.

This is a book for readers whose imagination carries them into a world where reality means starry skies, the call of a jackal and the moan of a lion, the smell of gun oil, and smoke from a cooking fire rising into the African night.

HORNED DEATH by John F Burger

This is the bible on the African buffalo, by a man who shot more than one thousand of these brutes in his lifetime. Burger was employed by various companies to supply meat for the workers of the railroads before WW II, and he had probably more experience shooting African buffalo than any other person.

Hunting buffalo is never easy, for when a buffalo decides he does not like you, he looks at you as though you ‘owe him money,’ and, sometimes, you pay with your life. Just as Walter Bell’s name is associated with the elephant, so is John Burger’s name with the buffalo. Filled with fascinating tales of crop destroyers, rogues, vindictive buffaloes, and killers of nativesAfrica’s horned death!

African Hunter II (Highly recommended!) – Boddington

This book gets our top rating! There is a total of twenty-five countries covered, with thorough in-depth overviews of their hunting areas, background information, and best times to hunt.

Then we cover the game animals: It includes all the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, and elephant) the nine spiral-horn antelope game indigenous to only one region game indigenous to most regions the rarities the plains game, and so onall game animals throughout the entire African continent are given meticulous attention. A total of 228 different African animals are covered.

There are hunting stories from each country that highlight hunting the game found in that particular areathese are thrilling stories written by people who have hunted and lived in the area for long periods of time. Moreover, you will read exciting stories of giant tuskers in Tanzania, huge leopards, obnoxious buffalo, a double on large maned lions, and a surprisingly nimble giant rhino. But the book goes beyond that with chapters on medical preparations, booking a safari, the rules, and the rifles for Africa there is even a detailed checklist of game animals, country by country. You will also find detailed maps and numerous sidebars with immediate, at your fingertips information. In addition to the editors, a total of more than two-dozen contributors, too many to list all, endeavored to make this book the most complete it could be:

The names include Gregor Woods, Tony Tomkinson, Joe Coogan, Rolf Rohwer, Piet Hougaard, Volker Grellmann, Geoff Broom, Robin Hurt, Rudolf Sand, Tony Dyer, Franz Wegnert, Mike Murray, Tony Sanchez, Rudy Lubin, Angelo Dacey, Warren Parker, Reinald von Meurers, Beth Jones, and Steve Christenson. With over 500 full-color pages, hundreds of photographs, and updated tables on animals and where they are available, this is THE book to consult for the information on Africa today, and it is sure to become the industry “standard” for years to come.

Wanderings of Elephant Hunter – Bell, Walter D.M.

This is the first book written by W.D.M. Bell, an intrepid adventurer, who was known far and wide as ‘Karamojo’ Bell for his extraordinary elephant hunting exploits in the Karamoja Province of Uganda and elsewhere. Wanderings, considered by many to be the greatest of all elephant books by the greatest of all elephant hunters, is a series of elephant-hunting essays and stories during the glory days of Bell’s career.

It gives Bell’s experiences in Uganda, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Central Africa, and West Africa. Foremost an elephant title, Wanderings also includes tales of derring-do with buffalo and lion. Bell’s approach to elephant hunting was unusual for his day and time. He studied the anatomy of elephants in order to establish the trajectory of bullets from any angle, and Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter includes the diagrams of shot placement, perfected by Bell, that made this book so desirable. Wanderings is one of the best of all the old elephant-hunting titles and is a must-have for all hunters. 187 Pages (excluding illustrations and photos). 83 illustrations and photos by Bell.

Kenya: The First Explorers – Nigel Pavitt

Heat Thirst and Ivory – Fred Everett

Bwana Cotton – Gordon Cotton

Annabel Adventure Series (set) – Annabel


A Man Called Lion – Capstick

A Man Called Lion – The Life and Times of John “Pondoro” Taylor. John Taylor is well-known to just about anybody interested in firearms or African hunting. This is the first complete biography of this very controversial characted. Taylor was born into a wealthy, distinguished Irish family, but was by most accounts a “black sheep”.

In a desperate attempt to save the life of their son from the Sinn Fein, Taylor’s parents sent him to Canada, where he promptly got himself involved in smuggling. After being deported from Canada, Taylor’s parents sent him to Africa where he became one of the most notorious ivory poachers of that continent.

African Adventures – Capstick

Capstick examines the lives of four famous hunters: Selous, Boyes, Ionides and Sutherland. The author’s pungent with and his authenticity gained from years in the bush make this an unforgettable return to the silent places.

Death in the Dark Continent – Capstick

Death in the Dark Continent With a command of exciting prose, Capstick brings you along on the chase while hunting the five most dangerous killers on the African continent.

Death in the Long Grass – Capstick

Capstick was a born raconteur. His colorful descriptions and eye for detail bring us face to face with some of the most ferocious killers in the world. Not only the great killers of the African bush, the “Big Five” but others as well. Read about such underrated killers as the surprisingly brave and cunning hyena and silent killers such as the lightning-fast mamba.

Death in a Lonely Land – Capstick

THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER: More hunting and shooting on five continents. Following the smashing success of Last Horizons, Peter Capstick now presents a second volume of pieces culled from such magazines as Out Door Life, American Hunter, Guns & Ammo and Petersen’s Hunting.

Death in Silent Places – Capstick

With his characteristic color and flair, the late Peter Capstick vividly describes the extraordinary careers of men like Colonel J. H. Patterson and Colonel Jim Corbett who stalked legendary man-eaters through the silent darkness men like Karamojo Bell, acknowledged as the greatest elephant hunter of all time men like the valiant Sasha Siemel, who tracked killer jaguars through the Matto Grosso armed only with a spear.

Last Horizons – Capstick

The first in a two-volume collection of Capstick’s hunting, fishing and shooting tales – you’ll find 24 examples of his keen eye and steady hand with rifle, shotgun, bow and typewitter.

Last Ivory Hunter – Capstick

The Saga of Wally Johnson – Wally Johnson spend half a century in Mozambique hunting white gold – ivory. Most men died pursuing this hazardous trade. He’s the last one able to tell his story.

Safari – The Last Adventure – Capstick

Drawing on his years of experience as a professional hunter, Capstick explains everything a bwana needs to know, how to book a safari, where and when to go, fees and licenses, the guns, ammo, and personal equipment needed.

Sands of Silence – Capstick
Warrior – Capstick

At the time of his death, Capstick was putting the finishing touches on Warrior, a stirring and vivid biography of the famous British Colonel officer Richard Meinertshagen, whose exploits earned him fame and notoriety as one of the most daring, ruthless men to ever serve during the glory days of the British Empire.

Campfires (limited edition) – Chilvers

The IPHA was formed in 1969 to promote ethical hunting among clients and professional hunters around the world. The founding father of IPHAhe called himself its ‘midwife’was the late Alexis von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, who, in 1967, with Francois Edmond-Blanc and Bertrand des Clers, came upon the idea of an international organization for professional hunters.

During a conference hosted by Winchester on game conservation and wildlife management in Monte Carlo in 1968, Harry Tennison and Tony Dyer gave form to the idea of the IPHA, with a constitution based on that of the East African Professional Hunters’ Association (EAPHA). Since that time the IPHA has become the most respected of all professional hunting organizations, and its members truly represent the top of their profession.

This, then, is a remarkable collection of stories by a unique group of people, whose exciting lives and everyday brushes with death are an exotic change from the normal routine of life. The editor found some of the most interesting and true big-game hunting stories from the membership of the last thirty years to include in this anthology. You will find thrilling stories on giant brown bears in the frozen north, huge argali sheep from the depths of Central Asia, man-eating lions from Central Africa, swamp-dwelling elephants from Botswana, snow-white Dall sheep near the Arctic Circle, buffalo on the African veld, and polar bear on the permanently frozen ice.

The stories in this book are true-to-life adventures that are often more exciting than fiction! Contributors include Adelino Pires, Sergio Almeida, Rudy Lubin, Mark Kyriacou, Fred Webb, Joe Klutch, Jerome Knap, John Brandt, Don Grobler, Joe Coogan, Jack Atcheson, John Jackson III, Gary Walker, and many others. This limited edition is signed by no less than EIGHT members of the IPHA who also contributed a story to this book. They include Craig Boddington, Brooke ChilversLubin, Peter Johnstone, John Kingsley-Heath, Joe Klu

A Hunters Africa (limited, signed edition) – Cundill, Gordon

Gordon Cundill is one of the few individuals to have participated in almost every facet of the big game hunting industry: hunter on his own, professional hunter, partner or owner and general manager of safari companies.

Talk about a man who has ‘been there, done that’ as regards virtually all African big game that is the author of A HUNTER’S AFRICA. Naturally the book contains all the vivid safari experiences, as well as a special look at The Lion’s Heart, The African Giants (Elephants), etc. It also tries to answer the question, ‘Is a Buffalo Dangerous?’

There are delightful chapters on ‘Animals, People and Weapons,’ and thoughts on both clients and professional hunters that make this industry so dear to our hearts. Having held professional licenses in Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and most recently Mozambique, Gordon is uniquely qualified to write on untamed Africa.

Furthermore, having been a partner, general manager and professional in various countries and companies, Gordon is someone who’s ‘been there, done everything’ in the big game hunting arena. There are chapters on both clients and professional hunters and the things that make hunting worthwhile. The book is a fine fabric of game animals, big game hunters and weapons. Just as the variety of Africa encompasses every big game hunter’s interest, so the variety of this work makes it MUST reading. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author.

Heart of an African Hunter – Flack

Peter Flack is an experienced African hunter and writer whose travels on the Dark Continent set him far above the pack. In this book he recalls his adventures in over eight African countriesMozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the CAR, as well as Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswanawhere he has hunted for all game, from the tiniest and often more challenging antelope to the largest rumbling pachyderms. Besides spiral horned antelope and the Big Five, he also hunts unusual smaller antelope that he has christened the ‘Tiny Ten.’

Although not a PH, he has shot no less than fifty-one buffalo. His vivid text gives you an excellent idea of what it is like to follow a white rhino in South Africa or a giant eland in the CAR. This collection of Flack’s writings covers so much game that after reading this book you will agree that the Big Five are not the only worthwhile African trophies.

Rendezvous in the Bush (limited, signed edition) – Folsom, Henry, T. From a father’s safari in British East Africa in 1913, to a young man’s first Tanzania safari in 1971 and his safaris in Africa into the 1990s, Rendezvous in the Bush shares the joys and thrills of African big game hunting over the past decades.

Just as his father hunted with the noted PH George Outram, a number of Hank’s safaris were with legendary PH David Ommanney who kindly also authored the Foreword. This book is filled with hunting stories, rich in incident and character and descriptions of safari life so integral to the hunt. A Day in the Classic Safari, You Shot Too High, The Professional, Crisis, The Year of the Buffalo, A Cold Morning in the Swamp – these are just six of the 27 evocative, exciting chapters in this memorable new book. In chapter three Folsom describes at length his opinion of what a PH should be.

This is a chapter all hunters should read. $85.00 As reviewed in Africa Safari Times: The book begins with some wonderful reminiscing and it ends with same. In between it describes the African hunting experiences of a man that has really been around more of Africa than most professional hunters. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author

Someone of Value (Robert Ruark) – Hugh Foster

The eagerly anticipated reprint of the biography of a man who knew how to live on the edge. With 12 new photos in addition to the album that originally appeared in the limited edition Between 1952 and 1958 Robert Ruark traveled extensively throughout Africa.

He came to know her problems and passions better than most and he was both angered and saddened by what he saw. But always he knew that Africa had “a genius for extremes.” Through ten major books and thousands of newspaper columns Bob Ruark was known to millions around the world. He grew from “the old man’s boy” to become a warrior, columnist, novelist, one of America’s best investigative reporters and A BIG GAME HUNTER.

He said, “There are worse memorials to a great life than a book or a tusk.” After Ruark’s death this intensely complicated man remained in the literary limelight. He had predicted what would happen when European powers engineered independence for their colonies. A big game hunter, belt-level reporter and a man who preferred to live at risk, Ruark saw Africa best when he was hidden away in some part of it on a big game hunt. Thousands of hours of travel, research and interviews have resulted in Hugh Foster producing an informative, insightful and exciting biography, as well as a look at a man and a continent both struggling for existence. 316 pages, 43 illustrations, bibliography. Large 7×10 inch format.

In the Salt (limited, signed edition) – Hallamore, Lou

Anyone who has hunted in Africa during the past 20 years knows Lou Hallamore — at least by his superb reputation. He’s the man who has spent more time in leopard blinds than most people have spent in movie theaters.

This book is about people, animals, big game hunting, being outwitted and out maneuvered and knowing that sooner or later your luck will change and your trophy will be “in the salt.” From the beginning to the end of your hunt, Lou takes you through all the things that are likely to happen, and has plenty of advice based on thousands of hours in the field.

The shot placements illustrations are in FULL color, so the reader can see what Lou aptly calls “The Pay Line.” For 27 of Africa’s top game animals, Hallamore talks not only about choice of weapons, methods of location, trophy judgment, stalking, shot placement and following wounded game but he also talks about more sensitive subjects – Backup by the pro? Yes, or no. Finally, for all the trophy conscious hunters, he also talks about “the way things really are.” Interspersed with all this are plenty of hunting stories and anecdotes.

Learn what made Hallamore a wiser professional hunter and a much wiser man. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author.\

One Long Safari (limited, signed edition) – Hay, Peter

From the age of eight, Peter Hay knew that his future lay in Africa. Indeed, he worked hard to ensure that his life would be ONE LONG SAFARI. Peter’s career started as a Desert Locust Control Officer.

If you don’t think that’s exciting, remember that when locust infestations cause small antelope to scatter, lions become man-eaters and must be dealt with by the control officer! At one point, Peter was being PAID to shoot lions by day and night. Ditto for some other members of the big five for example, the month when he had to crop 147 elephants because they were raiding farmers’ crops.

Peter (who was game warden for over 15 years in Uganda during the period when PHs like John Kingsley-Heath were active) never turned pro because he always wanted to be the hunter! No matter how many animals one shoots on control, when that big trophy is standing right in front of you, the hunt takes on a different appearance. Peter Hay spent the prime of his life on ONE LONG SAFARI. The book is so good that African Hunter magazine gave it almost a full-page book review! You won’t put this down.

Peter Hay hunted from Bunyoro, Kingdom of the Elephant (in Uganda), to Ethiopia and in between in many remote places that he called home. But when Peter was there, the place was still only a blank on the map to the rest of us. He is one of the few to have actually hunted extensively for stock and man-eating bush lions in Somaliland and Ethiopia and elephants throughout Uganda. We’re fortunate that he found the time to make his story available for our reading enjoyment. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author.

Under the African Sun (limited, signed edition) – Hibben

The late Dr. Frank Hibben was a legend in the field of hunting.

A Weatherby Award winner, he went on a grand total of thirty-six safaris! From his first safari in 1949 to the most recent one in 1997, he traveled to almost every African country and hunted every major and minor game animal of the Dark Continent. From his early safaris with Andrew Holmberg until his last hunts in Botswana, there have been very few animals he did not take.

Before Chad, Somalia, and Kenya banned hunting, he captured such unusual animals as the eastern bongo, dibatag gazelle, and addax. In addition, his collection of ivory and what is generally regarded as the biggest leopard to ever come from Kenya are truly impressive. These hunts and many more are described in his last book, which contains the best from his earlier title Hunting In Africa as well as seventeen previously unpublished stories of African big-game hunting and adventure. You will not want to miss this well-written and exciting account! Illustrated with dozens of color photos.

A Country Boy In Africa (ltd ed) – Hoffman, George

Someone once said, “A professional hunter started his career with very little money, a new rifle and two young trackers.

At the end, he had no money, an old rifle, and two old trackers.” But what adventures they had. It’s been a long road from Missouri’s back woods to Africa’s game fields but George Hoffman made that trip and his life has never been the same. In addition to a long, successful hunting career, he’s developed the popular big game cartridge, the Hoffman .416, a cartridge respected and used by clients and professionals alike.

Throughout his long career George Hoffman has done it all. He’s learned that the PH has to know what the animal might do AND what the client might do when the time comes. Be prepared. Whether the hunt has been easy or hard, George has stood up to the task. Whether it went as planned or not, George tells it in his own inimitable style that has pleased readers for many years.

This is, indeed, a very candid big game hunting book. And yes, there is a long story on the why and how of the .416 development. The chapter on Safari Rifles, Bullets, etc. is now considered a classic on the subject. George is one of the few professionals that have capped off a career by developing a cartridge that will live on. He’s added to that legacy with this truly enjoyable book. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author.

Out In Africa (limited, signed edition) – Holmberg, Andrew

His godmother was Isak Dinesen. He grew up with the likes of Phil Percival, Bror Blixen and Eric Rundgren. His company, the legendary Selby & Holmberg Safaris took out Robert Ruark.

What else?

Andrew Holmberg holds the record for the greatest number of 100-pound PLUS elephants. SIXTY-THREE taken for family, friends and clients and that does not count many that were almost 100 pounds. From the beginning, Andrew Holmberg recognized the potential of the harsh Northern Frontier District of Kenya when foot safari blocks (no motorized vehicles allowed) were created.

He worked hard and took light loads in because he was going to have heavy tusks and lots of other trophies to take out. His personal best on elephant: 141 pounds per side; his best buffalo: 58 inches! Andrew consistently pioneered hunting new areas where others followed later. Looking through his photos it is hard to comprehend that when these hunts took place, exceptional trophies were Holmberg’s typical results. (Sam and Rose Pancotto took three 100-pound plus elephants on one safari!)

In East African professional hunting history, no other individual has been given undisputed credit for so many number one accomplishments in the hunting area – by both clients and professionals alike – as Andrew Holmberg. This book is, in one word, extraordinary. As Tony Dyer says in the Foreword, Andrew Holmberg has led a ‘larger than life’ life. One needs a mighty big brush to paint his life story. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author. Foreword by Tony Dyer. 297 pages. Over 200 spectacular photographs.

Hunter’s Tracks – Hunter

The exciting story of John Hunter’s efforts to capture the shady headman of a gang of ivory poachers and smugglers is now available in a quality reprint. This story is interwoven with the tale of one of East Africa’s most grandiose safaris taken with an Indian maharaja. Hunter’s extremely interesting tale is one of the best stories ever on East African hunting, big game, and eccentric characters

Tales of the African Frontier – Hunter

The early days and colorful characters of East Africa fly across the pages in this quality reprint of the classic. Meet Tippu Tib, the greatest of all slave traders; Ewart Grogan who walked from the Cape to Cairo; Joseph Thomson who faced the ferocious Masai; John Boyes, the elephant poacher and self-declared king of the Wa-Kikuyu; and Robert Foran, the notorious Lado Enclave ivory poacher.

Skulduggery and eccentric personalities form the basis of this excellent biography on East Africa’s most illustrious characters, set in a time that is gone, but not forgotten.

White Hunter – Hunter

Everybody has heard of John Hunter’s books because each one is packed full of exciting adventures. However, very few people have ever heard of his first book, White Hunter. This book is a seldom-seen account of John Hunter’s adventures in pre-WW II Africa. Like his other titles, this one is full of Hunter’s experiences as a professional big-game hunter whose name needs no introduction. John Hunter was considered the finest professional white hunter in East Africa during his time.

Memoirs of an African Hunter – Irwin, Terry

Terry Irwin is no average professional hunter – that would be like saying Walter Bell shot a few elephants. In his fascinating memoirs, Irwin describes his early years a schoolboy hunting in Botswana and Bechuanaland, his time as a prospector, and later, his employ by the Tanzanian Game Department as an elephant control officer.

Although he prefers to keep his total elephant bag to himself, Irwin’s feats are legendary: Walking thousands of miles on foot on safaris across remote parts of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Selous Game Reserve; hunting “problem” lions, leopards, as well as elephants; and the creation of his own safari company (Kiburuzo Safaris). Irwin also includes interesting details (before his company showed profit, he shot ivory to support his family) and fascinating side note (one of his clients took four years to bag a 100 pound elephant, and then ended up with two!) the likes of which have never been told before.

Finally, Irwin shares the story of his move to the Sudan after Tanzania closed its doors to hunting, and his creation of another successfully safari company in South Africa. 409 pages. 122 color photographs.

With a Gun in a Good Country (limited, signed edition) – Manning, Ian

Through a dazzling series of stories the magic of Africa comes alive. Manning grew up in Africa and was a game cropping ranger, a professional (then known as white) hunter and later a wildlife biologist.

He is a bit of a combination of professional hunter and a man who enjoys hunting for himself for the sheer adventure. The good country through which he hunted, the countries from which the stories in this book emerge include Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Botswana and South Africa. While the way of life described herein has certainly changed, these memorable big game hunting adventures make the magic of Africa come alive again. Manning offers the reading public more than just insights into the life of a special breed known as “professional hunter.” He takes a look at the game and the country, and perhaps a way of life now almost gone from our 21st century hunting scene.

These treasured recollections provide a kaleidoscope of contrasts and make great reading. As David Petzal said about his safari with Ian: “And so if you should meet a hunter who has been to Africa, and he tells you what he has seen and done, watch his eyes as he talks. For they will not see you. They will see sunrises and sunsets such as you cannot imagine and a land and a way of life fast vanishing. And always, he will tell you how he plans to go back.” Ian Manning offers us a way in print to take a gun through good country. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author. Large 7×10 inch format. 295 pages. Over 125 photos.

Sport Hunter in Africa (limited , signed edition) – Mc Gowan, John

John McGowan has been dipping his pen, rifles and hunting boots in Africa since 1952. He’s not a professional, but his trophy collection certainly looks like he’s carted rifles through dust, brush, forest and plain in order to carry out a variety of big game.

You will have to read the book to find out how many 100-pound elephants he’s taken. (Clue: two on one safari!). Lots of adventures with the big five, lots of kudu (a 58-incher and more) as well as great plains game and one venture after a huge tiger. He’s also an astute judge of animal behavior, noting that its considerate of the lion to knock you unconscious when it charges because then you won’t feel anything when it chews on you. John has hunted with the pros from the golden era through to today’s modern pros.

From the plains of Tanzania (when it was Tanganyika), to Kenya, Central Africa, Uganda and Zambia in the old days and to those same countries and more southerly ones in recent times, John relates stories of danger, excitement, rewarding experiences and laughs at some of his blunders in the field while giving thanks for a few more fortunate turns of fate. This book is a sure cure for Hunter’s Heart Disease! A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author. Large 7×10 inch format. 226 pages. 105 photographs.

From Sailor to Professional Hunter (limited, signed edition) – Northcote, John

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe. John is one of the few Professional Hunters to boast a continuous 50-year career hunting in Africa. It is impossible in a few words to describe the wealth of information and number of hunting stories recounted in this adventure packed volume. John’s love of adventure, humor, courage and pluck all come through.

The big game hunting will entertain and delight, as well as educate. If you want a look at hunting in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and finally Zimbabwe, this is the book. Every professional big game hunter must have the power to make believe, a love of romance, a touch of adventure, lots of courage and finally, lots of pluck. And every big game hunting book, if it is to become a true classic, must have a special quality, a special way in which it differs from and stands out from others of its genre.

This is true about FROM SAILOR TO PROFESSIONAL HUNTER. The sprightly stories combine John’s keen wit with an in depth knowledge of the game and game country (as well as of The different types of clients that come on safari). He can both entertain and enlighten and his engaging style keeps the reader turning pages from beginning to end. The no-holds-barred stories are rich in character and anecdote. In short, this is one totally convincing portrait of a fifty-year professional hunting career in Africa. A limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered/signed by the author. Extra large 8½x11 inch format. 394 pages. Over 175 photos. Five maps.

Hemingway in Africa: The Last Safari – Ondaatje, Christopher

A compelling and incisive look at Hemingway’s obsession with Africa, featuring dramatic and alluring photos, insight into the mind of the Hemingway for whom exploits were “an effort to relieve the intensity of existing at the edge.” Dramatic photos of the stunning Nairobi wilderness accompany this probing examination of Hemingway’s lifelong fascination with Africa. 98 color photos, 3 maps; 6×9 inches, 240 pgs

Arican Game Trails – Roosevelt, Theodore

The twenty-sixth president of the United States was also a world-renowned hunter, conservationist, soldier and scholar. In 1908 he took a long safari holiday in East Africa with his son Kermit. His account of this adventure is as remardably fresh today as it was when these adventures on the veldt were first published. Roosevelt describes the excitement of the chase, the people he met

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(including such famous hunters as Cunninghame and Selous) and flora and fauna he collected in the name of science. Long out of print, this classic is one of the preeminent examples of Africana, and belongs on every collector’s shelf.

Maneaters of Tsavo, The – Patterson, Lt. Colonel J.H.

Considered one of the greatet maneating sagas of all time, The Maneaters of Tsavo is the firsthand account of the infamous Tsavo lions. These lions – who for nearly a year terrorized East Africa – succeeded in bringing the construction of a railway line to a complete halt, and have been credited with the deaths of some one hundred people.

Written by the legendary officer who shot these lions and risked death several times in the attempt. The Maneaters of Tsavo is not only the story of this breathtaking hunt, but of Lieutenatn-Colonel Patterson’s other adventures in the African bush.

Elspeth Huxley – Nicholis, CS

Elspeth Huxley was not only a celebrated writer, but also a farmer, conservationist, and government advisor. She was a vivid chronicler of colonial Kenya, and became increasingly recognized as an observer and interpreter of African affairs over a period of profound change. After a childhood spent in East Africa and wartime Britan, Elspeth married a grandson of Thomas Huxley and cousin of Aldous Huxley. Her wide and influential circle also later included George and Joy Adamson, the Leakeys and Peter Scott.

Ghosts of Tsavo – Caputo, Philip

In 1898, two hauntingly elusive maneless lions killed and ate 140 workers who were building a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya. These seemingly invincible man-eaters literally stopped the British Empire in its tracks during their year-long reign of terror. But the bloody exploits of these animals, immortalized in John Patterson’s 1907 book, The Man-Eaters of Tsavo, and two feature films, Bwana Devil in 1952 and The Ghost and the Darkness in 1996, are only part of the story.

Caputo’s Ghosts of Tsavo is a search for truth, exploring both how these near-mythical maneless beasts became man-eaters and the more unsettling proposition: Do they represent a feline “missing link” between modern lions and the prehistoric lions that preyed on our Pleistocene ancestors. Setting out over the forbidding plains of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, Caputo and his small corps of discovery—a photographer and a few armed rangers from the Kenya Park Service—follow two eminent scientists from the University of Minnesota determined to unlock the secrets of Africa’s most efficient killers.