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Collector Rifles for Sale

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Hunting Legends International is one of the finest hunting outfitters in all of Africa and we are privileged to say that some of the wealthiest people in the world hunt with us and are our friends. Over time we have also established very good relations with some of the very best gunsmiths and custom rifle builders throughout the world.

Many of our clients also have some of the largest

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and most exquisite rifle and gun collections in the world. Hence our friends and customers often turn to us to facilitate their rifle recommendations or request to find or sell rifles for them.

Through the years Hunting Legends has built an elite client relationship where we find our clients what they are looking for. Many clients have collector items they sometimes decide to sell, others again are looking for collector rifles to buy.

Hunting Legends thus renders a service to our friends and client base where continually offer some of the very best and most exclusive collector rifles in the world.

Our special feature for 2011 are two magnificent hand made collector rifles, made by a friend and world class guns smith Walux Art Guns

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Leopard Rifle