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Gun Room

Gun room

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  • Did you know that Hunting Legends is the fastest growing African hunting website in the world? You can check out our website ranking by visiting

  • Using our website to the benefit of the hunting community at large, has thus become one of our primary service objectives, and we will continue to offer our friends more than just hunting information for Africa.

  • One such additional service, is this special section called – the GUN ROOM.

  • The Gun Room’s objective is to share as much quality and free information with you as possible!

  • Wether you will be hunting Impala or the Big Five, our objective is to bring you relevant information, professional advice and the latest industry news on the topic of guns and bows.

  • Hunting in Africa isn’t difficult, however, the choice of the right gun or bow, can make a huge difference, even if shooting Africa’s version of the White Tail – the Impala.

  • If you would like to contribute to our gunroom with your advice and opinions, please email us and we will gladly post your valued contribution.

Gun Library of past posts and articles:


Over and above the fact that we have a combined experience within the Hunting Legends Group in excess of 150 years of hunting experience, we still learn every day. We also have a large data base of friends, big game hunters, professional hunters, customers, balistic experts, long distance shooting champions and even Television Companies who are part of our information hub.

Using this data and information hub to your benefit is one of the waays we believe we can help build a better hunting future for all of us. As they say, dumb people learn from their own mistakes, while intelligent people use what they can learn from others.

  • One such a good friend and valued contributor is the legendary Bobby Hart of RW HART CUSTOM RIFLES. The Harts are recognised as one of the TOP  CUSTOM RIFLE BUILDERS in the WORLD, and Bob Hart is a world champion long distance shooter.The Harts are fourth generation rifle builders and certainly know there way around guns and balistics and we are proud to be associated with them.

Bobbys Impala

Bobby Hart with his freak 32″ Impala

  • We are also proud to have Andrew Hinton on board of the Hunting Legends Team. Andrew is the youngest member of the team, however, this kid knows his way around guns and is a fanatic on the subject of guns, balistics and long distance shooting. Andrew is mentored by Bobby Hart personally and has become a huge asset to our team of specialists, while also helping his father George run the USA marketing office of Hunting Legends.At the age of four – Andrew told his mother “Kathy”, that he was going to become a policeman, BUT, wanted to know if he could use his own gun? Later during his primary school years, Andrew’s farther was called to school – the teacher had a problem with Andrew, as when asked what he was going to do when he grew up, Andrew answered calmly that he was going to be a SNIPER!Andrew is now our “Gun Room – Editor” and withb the help of our resources, will be bringing you a host of content and information – all about guns, balistics and things!

Andrew Hintons Impala 2009 Limpopo Province South Africa

Andrew & George Hinton with another Impala

  • Joe Byers, our News Room Editor and well known author in hunting circles, will also be contributing to the Gun Room as Joe is often invited to test the latest guns, bows and hunting equipment, hot of the press!Joe extensively travels and hunts the world, especially Africa and is a living legend when it comes to Africa. Joe has hunted Africa more than 18 times already and is as experienced a hunter as you will find.

Joes Impala

Joe Byers and his Impala

  • The Gun Room will also be sharing the latest news and experiences of our own staff and customers who hunt with us in Africa. There still is no substitute for experience and we will be sharing this with you right here.

If you are in a hurray to read up on Africa calibres and information, start by gowing to our Hunters Library where you will find a stack of news and information already posted.