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Mattress Mack is going to earn a sizable wager on the Houston Astros, although it may not be worth $ 5 million.
Tomorrow,??Jim”Mattress Mack” McIngvale, a dominant furniture shop owner in Texas, hopes to put a??$1.5 million??wager online via the??FanDuel Sportsbook??app in??New Jersey.
As he’s done elsewhere in the country, McIngvale will bet on the Houston Astros to win the??World Series.
As such, his wager will become the largest online bet in the brief lifetime of NJ sports betting history.
Before this month, it had been reported that a wager, possibly exceeding??$5 million, was about to be put on the Astros to win the??MLB??title.
According to documents there was a request filed associated with this sports betting license at??Meadowlands Racetrack??– FanDuel Sportsbook’s partner — to accept a huge bet.
Speculation led that McIngvale was supporting the wager.
The furniture store owner has provided a refund to clients who invested if Houston wins the World Series. Considering his history of promotions, it made sense he was behind the huge wager.
Recently, McIngvale bankrolled a??$3.5 million??stake in??Mississippi, the largest single wager in country history, about the Astros to win the World Series. Should Houston pull it off, that one bet would cover $11.2 million.
Mattress Mack put $200,000 at vegas for Houston to win the name A week before. He made smaller bets at sportsbooks.
McIngvale is convinced that the Astros will win their second championship in 3 decades.
According to lots of sportsbooks that are legal, and FanDuel, Houston stands as the preferred.
Houston sits in +220 to win at the World Series, followed closely behind by the??Los Angeles Dodgers??in +280,
Besides this New York Yankees??in +450, odds significantly less than +1400 to win the league tournament are not held by any other American League team.
At least the Dodgers will stand at the Astros way. Los Angeles has progressed to each of their two World Series. In 2000, no team has ever won the world championship twice aside from this San Francisco Giants in 2012.
Per FanDuel, ahead of the??AL Wild Card match, here are of winning the World Series, the futures chances:

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