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Valencia have stunt director Marcelino and have replaced him.
Using the La Liga club having recorded back-to-back finishes that were 12th-placed the 54-year-old joined the bar.
43, former Barcelona midfielder Celades, chose his initial training session and unites until June 2021.
“The club would like to thank you for the work and dedication during your time with the club and wish you the best success for your future,” the club said.
In both seasons with the club, Marcelino led Valencia to place and qualification.
Villarreal trainer and the Sevilla went on to win the Copa del Rey with the club last year, bringing their first trophy for 11 years.
Prior to this fracture, before beating Real Mallorca 2-0 Valencia brought at home to Real Sociedad and were dropped.
Valencia face Chelsea in their opening game of the Champions League on Tuesday following a repeat of last season’s Copa del Rey final on Saturday when they play Barcelona.
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