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Jalen Ramsey sounded comfortable with the knowledge that the Jacksonville Jaguars will not renegotiate his contract with two years.
The team’s decision is clear, but Ramsey wants it known that when the team does come calling contract talks, he is asking for the moon. In an Instagram Live chat with teammate Leonard Fournette Ramsey noted he will not be giving any discount.
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“Next year, especially after I ball, they’re going to come to me,’Hey, you know what, hey we want to shout at you…’ (Whistles). That amount Will be so ungodly,” he said.” (Whistles). That number going to be so ungodly, they’re just going to look (gives wide-eyed stare).
“They’re going to say’oh, god, we can not get no reduction? 20 percent off?’ Nuh-uh (shakes head). I’m going to inform them past yeary’all could have obtained that reduction. This season? Nuh-uh (shakes head rapidly). I would like all that.”
Gamers rarely, if ever, should provide a hometown discount. Ramsey noted this year that when the team wanted to shave a bit off the overall bill, they would not have approached him. Contract figures rise.
“They could have a small discount this season, maybe. Just a tiny sample, however. Just a little,” he explained.
Ramsey enters the fourth year of his rookie deal, set to earn $3.634 million in base salary. The Jags exercised the fifth-year alternative for the former No. 5 overall pick, which will pay him $13.7 million in 2020.
It is not the first time the star cornerback has said he is going to ask for seven Brink’s trucks when negotiations finally do start. Earlier this week he mentioned a famous Deion Sanders lineup:

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