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The 2019-2020 college football season had its”soft-opening” of types last weekend, with two matches played on Saturday.
However, the season officially gets underway this Labor Day weekend with Week 1. While the majority of the games are on Saturday, in addition, there are games scheduled Thursday (16x), Friday (7x), Sunday (1x), and Monday (1x).
That’s a great deal of college football betting.
Since the schools head into action this weekend, it’s not time to prep for the slate of opening week games but to create any season-long future wagers.
New Jersey sportsbooks will start adjusting, revising, and in some cases, taking the season-long props which are currently down on the board.
The NJ sports bettor currently has 16 apps to pick from (though TheScore Sportsbook and Bet365 are until in soft-launch style ). So it’s always good to look around to see what’s out there from the various sportsbook offerings.
I have taken a closer look in all of the NJ sports betting apps on what is currently available for the upcoming college football season to provide my perspective. Here are my ideas.
To begin with, as a sports bettor, one will enjoy the sportsbooks that denote”College Football” as a stand up sports class in their own wagering menus.
Surewe can’t wager on Rutgers or Princeton matches here in New Jersey, but using 125+ other schools in drama, there’s no reason to lump it in together simply under”Football.”
Regrettably, here are several examples.
Golden Nugget Sportsbook has college football (also known as”NCAAF”) recorded in among its NFL line detail:
PlayMGM’s sportsbook lists college football beneath the catch-all”Football” header after the NFL and following Canadian soccer (Move, Blue Bombers) prop bets:
More than 888 Sport, school football doesn’t manage to crack the”popular” listings that the opening week of school football season:
Maybe it’s me, however it has to be Simple to build a”College Football” header for betting menu lists, as exemplified below by DraftKings and FanDuel:
Another little nit of mine will be that the current inability to construct a”Look” option for every team or school in the gambling app.
With 100+ colleges at the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision in activity on any provided September-November weekend, it’s a struggle to discover the game(s) in a long list of betting line matchups sorted by start time.
So, I would really like to find that a”search” feature for a match or specific event for college football and the rest of the events on the programs.
You just like to follow conference or a school, or whether you are an avid college soccer bettor, here are some promotions and odds That You Ought to be aware of from the solid NJ sports betting app marketplace:
DraftKings has been supplying a”Countdown to Kickoff” especially for college football with eight times of distinct daily chances promotes leading up to Labor Day weekend:
Don’t worry, if you haven’t taken advantage of this yet. There is plenty being provided by sportsbook programs this season.
Along with over-under win totals which can be found across NJ sportsbooks, I wanted to watch a number of the unique season-long futures supplied by the novels.
BetStars (soon to become Fox Bet) has an easy”Yes/No” brace for colleges to make a bowl game:
Both playMGM and DraftKings apps are offering props on pick teams with a simple”Yes/No” to make the college football playoffs in December:
PointsBet NJ takes a slightly different approach, with recorded odds for pick schools to”not to win the championship”:
DraftKings has posted a”Rivalry Special” brace for select schools to conquer their two main rival competitions:
When you check toward the NCAA Football National Championship, it’s extremely tough to have any discussion around the 2019 finalists without including defending champion Clemson Alabama, and finalist.
With this in mind, PointsBet includes a Set of brace specials for both Alabama and Clemson, for example odds offered on Alabama”shedding to a Tiger Mascot”:
FanDuel is offering a bet to get a rematch of last year’s title match:
When it comes to the matches that weekend, there’s a choice to dive right into.
NJ sportsbooks have done a wonderful job by submitting the opening spreads, sides, and totals as of Monday. Offerings of quarters and first half will be added/updated since the day of the games draws.
In actuality, as it’s Thursday, you will see more chances added for the games.
Golden Nugget Sports is a illustration of one app that has done a great job of premature posting of this half of and quarter lines for Saturday’s matches:
Point spreads are popular in NFL games and are starting to become more broadly offered for college games, also. DraftKings, for example, has a nice supply of alternative point spreads for the matches of the weekend:
There is not anything more random than gambling on if the match will finish with a score that is an odd or even number.
Consider an odd/even totals bet if you’re a player that likes roulette’s randomness. Golden Nugget has you covered here with a bevy of wagering options:
Bet365 is the latest addition to the New Jersey sports. To be honest, it is still going via regulatory testing.
Launching in time for football season, Bet365 is not bashful about offering tons of action. They are with several betting choices offered along with NJ sports betting apps in the mix for college soccer.
Consider the”Race to (Factors )” for your group to get to a score of 10 through 40 points as well as a simple”Yes/No” about the game heading to overtime. Below is a screenshot of its menu of some of its offerings that weekend:
There’s not any shortage of alternatives for college soccer bettors in New Jersey. The examples I have posted have just scratched the surface of pregame markets the futures.
Additionally, when the match kicks off, there will be live options provided by sportsbooks keep your eyes on the play-by-play activity and your phone charged.
However, my betting advice around college soccer centers around a trend that was rewarding for me last year.
Nowadays, gaming Alabama may not look like the best location to find”worth” in college football. After all, the moneyline will be -2000 or greater (if its offered) most weekends and point spreads might be tricky play according to the way Nick Saban strategies the late third and fourth quarter (i.e., are the opening starters still playing, and are they running the ball to kill the clock or still passing?) .
As a player who likes to build parlays, there is value in considering including Alabama 1Q. It turned out to be a successful angle this past year, and I could plug it in this weekend when’opens versus Duke.
My”Final Four” prediction this season is actually a”Final Two.”
With Alabama and Clemson meeting in three of the four championship matches, I will incorporate those two to make the national championship, in addition to Michigan and Georgia.
In the meantime, best of luck to all NJ bettors that this school football season.
Mike McGough is an advisor who advises clients in such areas as procurement practices that are best, sponsorship investigations, and media purchasing. As a New Jersey-based sports fan and handicapper, he gives all the way to a perspective from company operations to the windows. He covers sports gambling programs and online betting.

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