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This is a website for ‘Professional Hunters’, and not ‘Opportunitist Killers’

If you are an ethical Hunter, you have come to the right place!

We are first conservationists, and then hunters!

We are professional hunters, and not opportunist killers. If you are looking for a fair-chase hunt you have come to the right place. (If you are only in it for the kill and a quick trophy on your wall, we are not the people you are looking for)

If you can spare a moment or two and are interested in ethical hunting, what this means, why we are so against ‘canned hunting’ and fly by night operators, please take the time and read the following comprehensive hunting report.

CLICK HERE: Ethical Hunting Report


We thank God everyday of our lives for the splendour and the beauty of our precious dark continent, called Africa! We are proud to be hunters, were taught to protect, to cherish, to love and to savour the beauty of God’s creation. We sow more than we harvest, invest more than we take, and develop more than there ever used to be. We use hunting as our ‘paypal’, for conserving, protecting and developing our natural resources.

“Real Hunters know this, if we don’t plow back, develop, protect and invest in, we will not have a better tomorrow”.

It will be lost to our grandchildren, the generations to follow, and all this, because of man’s greed…

Old hunting (400 x 266)

We are committed to cleaning up our industry, unveiling the scoundrels, and ridding this industry of the thieves who dare call themselves – ‘professional hunters’!