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Hunting Legends

Hunting Legends never asks what you can do for us, however, we will always ask how we can help you …


We can provide you with many references throughout the world of people and friends who have hunted with us below. As our friends and customer information is privileged we do not believe in posting all our customer information on our site.

We do however understand the importance of providing you with references and hence would like to invite you to contact us personally and we will provide you with such information on request. In this way we protect the privacy of our friends and customers, as we will protect yours.

For a list of references in your area please email us:


Mr George Hinton (USA)

Mobile: 1 – 484 – 357 2772
Mobile no: 1 – 610 – 703 8182
Office: 1 – 610 – 863 8182