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Navigating our Website


Navigating through a website as comprehensive as the Hunting Legends website may be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start!!


  • Our best advice is for you to click through every page which interests you.
  • Click on page headings as well and don’t just click on the sub pages.
  • Every single page on our website contains useful information.


  • Many of our posts and pages have the option to share your comments with us. Please feel free to post your comments to us.
  • Unfortunately, websites of this nature also often come under attack from people who don’t understand the important role which hunting plays to conservation at large. Hence, all comments are first moderated and approved by our admin panel.
  • This is to protect our website from uncalled for attacks and also to ensure that our website is friendly to young children who often visit our site.


  • Making an enquiry or asking us questions is absolutely FREE.
  • There is no such thing as a silly question and you are under obligation when you contact us for more information.
  • Feel free to ask us anything and we will try and respond to your question as fast and as professional as possible.

Thank you for using Hunting Legends International. We are constantly improving our website and updating our website to serve our customers and friends alike.

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