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Shipping your trophies

Shipping of trophies from Africa to any part of the world is a specialist job and best left to people who ate trustworthy and know their work. It often happens in the industry that clients shop around for the best price and often end up with disastrous results. It is imperative that you make sure to use a good shipping agent when shipping your trophies.

When things go wrong (and they do ..), people end up blaming people! Shipping Agents blame the Taxidermists and vice versa and you will be stuck in the middle. For this simple reason, we have ensured that we advise all our clients to use people who lknow the trade of shipping trophies.

Please enquire with us or the Taxidermist you will using as to who will be the best SHipping Agent for your freight.

Here is an example of trophies which have been crated on location at the Animals Alive Taxidermy Studio by one of the trusted shipping agents. By having the crating done on location at the Taxidermists, no fingers can be pointed as to the quality of the trophies when received by the Shipping Agent.

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