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Where should you fly to?

The perception that Africa is a 3rd world continent may ring true to most African countries, however South Africa is everything but a 3rd world country when it comes to infrastructure and amenities.

Many people actually think that South Africa will welcome you with drums beating and primitive facilities. You couldn’t be further from the truth if this is what you think.

Where should you fly to

South Africa and the OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg International) will surprise even the most seasoned traveler with its amenities and 1st world standards. The busiest Airport in Africa will live up to any standards you could imagine from a world class International Airport, with lounges, food courts, boutique shops, hotels and services you would expect from even the best cities in the world.

Gateway to Africa

  • Johannesburg International offers you a modern luxury airport with every service imaginable including Police Station, Medical Clinics, Shuttle Services, Hotels, Convenience Shops, Banks and Travel Agencies, Foreign Exchange Services and more.
  • We always recommend South Africa and the Johannesburg International Airport as the gateway to your African Safari.
  • Connecting flights are available to every other African and International Country in the world.
  • Direct flights to and from the USA daily.
  • Direct flights from most European, Middle East, European and Far East countries.
  • Charter Services offered by selected Hunting Legends Charter Companies with a wide variety of aircraft to choose from, including Helicopters, Fixed wing single engine planes, Twin Props and Turbine Aircraft. Even private Jets are at your disposal when booking through Hunting Legends.

We will meet you at the Airport

  • From the moment you step off the plane, you will be met by a Senior Hunting Legends Host who will take care of you and your hunting party for the duration of your stay in Africa.
  • VIP MEET & GREET SERVICES. As you step off the gangway of the plane, you will be met by a VIP Service Attendant with a name plaque with your Hunting Party name on it.
  • This VIP Service Attendant will whisk you through Customs as a VIP, help you collect your luggage, ensure that your rifles or bags are all there and guide you through to the waiting area where your Hunting Legends Hosts will be waiting.
  • We even pre-approve your GUN PERMITS for you, so when you land it will take only a few minutes to check your rifles through and you are ready to go hunting with us. It literally takes only a few minutes to check your rifles and get your permits when using Hunting Legends’ VIP Services at Johannesburg International Airport or Lanseria International Airport.

Where should you fly to


Daily Flights from across the globe

  • Johannesburg International offers you daily flights from across the globe to South Africa.
  • Most of the big airlines offer flights from all countries to South Africa.
  • Our experience is that South African Airlines should be your preferred carrier when flying to South Africa.
  • The staff on South African Airways are friendly, the food is good and they serve visitors to South Africa hassle free.
  • They are accustomed to handling rifles and will make your flight as pleasant and hassle free as you need.

We can help you book your flights

  • As Hunting Legends have hundreds of visitors coming through South Africa every year, we have an excellent arrangement with the Airlines and Travel Service Industry.
  • We can help you book your flight and plan your whole safari.
  • If done in advance, we will also SAVE you lots of money and get you the best rates.
  • We will pre-book your rifles for you and arrange your permits in advance of your arrival.

All of this is done to ensure that you have a trouble free experience when hunting with Hunting Legends – a service you can rely on!

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