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Huskemaw Long Range Optics


Hunting Legends has now also signed an exclusive supply agreement with The Best of the West for the supply of the well known Huskemaw Long Range Optics to the Southern Africa and UAE markets.

Huskemaw Optics technology makes shooting easier!

The product is the only BDC turret to incorporate TRUE BC and WIND COMPENSATION technology. Just range your target and turn the RFBC dial to the exact distance and hold right on! No guessing, holdover error, or charts – just dial and shoot! If you have wind, the second set of numbers tell you how much to hold in the Hunt Smart Reticle. Just Dial and Hold – the fastest, and most accurate system for precision shooting available.


Built for Extreme Hunting

The 3-12 optics are powerful and clear, and its configuration will help anyone who uses it shoot accurately at medium distances using advanced true BC technology. This scope was built, tested, and intended for the most extreme hunting environments. It is the only scope with a turret customized to the gun and load, marked in yards and with patent pending wind adjustment technology built in.

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