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Choose the right Taxidermy


Taking good care of your trophies:

Our job is not done, until your trophies are on your wall back home!

It is important that you Choose the right Taxidermy. Contrary to many outfitters today, we still believe that it is our duty and responsibility to do our utmost and ensure that our clients receive their trophies back home, on time, on speck and on budget. When hunting with Hunting Legends International, you can rest assure that we take pride in going the extra mile for our clients.

Your hunt is not complete, until you have received your trophies back home, and we respect this. Hence we have gone to all extremes and developed relationships we are proud of and are willing to back, and here are the reasons why:

  • Firstly, we believe that your trophies aren’t just dead animals – BUT, LIVING MEMORIES!
  • Your decision to hunt in Africa is a big one, and as important as it is to choose a reputable and capable outfitter, it is as important if not more that you choose a reliable and capable TAXIDERMY to ensure that your trophies are captured and preserved as a living memory of your hunt.
  • Gone are the days that customers are going to except fable excuses from outfitters that the TAXIDERMY work has nothing to do with them. After all the customer (YOU) hasn’t booked the hunt with the taxidermist but with the outfitter. Hence it is, and always will be expected that the customer demands that the outfitter offers a comprehensive service, including access and service to professional taxidermist work.
  • The hunt is not over until your trophies are back where they belong – in your trophy room.

What thus makes a good taxidermist?

  • First and foremost as in any other business, somebody who puts the interest of the customer first.
  • Secondly – quality work – ON TIME – on budget!
  • Somebody who will communicate efficiently and sufficiently with you, always keeping you up to speed and well informed!
  • And, most important – somebody who takes pride in their work!

Choose your taxidermist: