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Booking Agents

We are proud of our relationships with our friends and booking offices and can gladly recommend you contacting any of the people we mention in this post. We will continue to update this page as we have a number of booking agents who represent and market our business throughout the world. Here are a few of these you can contact so long:


  • George and Andrew Hinton (Hunting Legends USA)George Hinton heads up our own booking office in the USA, and is based in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. We understand the importance of sound and reliable customer service, hence we have opened our own USA based offices in Pennsylvania.Contact our offices today for personal service:

    Mr George Hinton (USA)
    Mobile: 1 – 610 – 703 8182
    Mobile: 1 – 484 – 357 2772
    Office: 1 – 610 – 863 8182

Booking Agents and Travel Agents are welcome to do business with us:

  • We know the importance of having friends in the industry, who are willing to send us business.
  • Your business is important to us, hence we value your business and endeavor to honor our commitments.
  • We never haggle about paying our due’s and you can rely on the fact,  that you will always be paid. .
  • Contact us today and let’s tie up a business arrangement which suits us both.
  • Staying loyal to our agents is one of our best trade marks.

Please contact us and let’s do business! Send us a email with your ideas and request and let’s get things done.