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Matetsi 1 – Zimbabwe


A visit to Zimbabwe cannot happen without paying a visit to the Victoria Falls. One of the world’s greatest wonders, this spectacular area and scenery will leave you in awe. Spend some time in the grand old lady – the Vic Falls Hotel with us and experience true African hospitality like never before.

Our camps are less than an hour’s drive out of Vic Falls and day trips or excursions to the falls can be arranged easily. Great fishing is also available in the mighty Zambezi River and a fighting Tiger fish is sure to get your attention.

Victoria Falls
Phillip Mostert (Right) and friend outside of the Vic Falls Hotel

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Please email us for a full list of all the amenities and activities like Elephant rides etc in the area. We have it all and it is guaranteed to help make your trip with us to Zimbabwe unforgettable.

And, if you’re still looking for that once in a life time hunting opportunity in a NO FENCE area, then look no further!

Hunting Legends is proud to announce that we have secured unique hunting opportunities in the well known Matetsi One Conservancy area in Zimbabwe. With the help and assistance of our friends and concession operators Rodger Madangure, his wife Gaynor we can offer you access to certainly one of the most prestigious hunting concessions in all Africa. Matetsi Unit 1 provides top quality hunts for dangerous game and plains game in an unfenced free-range environment.
The safari area spans in excess of 99000 acres situated in north-western Zimbabwe close to the famous Victoria Falls. It is one of the best-known and most established safari hunting areas in all of Zimbabwe with the Hwange National Park to the south and the Zambezi River to the north. At Matetsi, large herds of elephants, buffalo and leopard. Lion hunting re-opened in 2009 and all trophies are exportable!
 Welcome to the best hunting area in Southern Africa When hunting with us in Zimbabwe, you will be absolutely amazed with the excellent hunting opportunities this area has to offer. Less than 20 miles drive from the world famous Victoria Falls this area has it all! Herds and herds of wildlife awaits you when hunting the Matetsi and the quality of trophies are surpassed in the industry. Large ivory still roams the delta and falls area and being right next to Botswana and the Chobe, this is still as good as it gets in Africa.
Join us on an unforgettable hunting trip and take home not only one of the most memorable safaris you will ever do, but also some of the finest trophy qualities imaginable. Our hospitality is unrivaled and the staff at Matetsi are of the best in the industry.Join Phillip Mostert (Hunting Legends) and Rodger Madangure for the best hunting safari you will  ever get to experience!
This area is well know for the following animals:

Cape Buffalo Bulls (Dagga Boys)
Trophy Elephant Bulls
Tuskless Elephants
Sable antelope
Cape Buffalo cows
Bushbuck etc…..