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Hunting in Mozambique

Although Mozambique has for decades been associated with civil war and all but destroyed, the last 15 years has seen the country develop into one of the finest hunting and tourist destinations in Africa. Although the remnents of the past is still visible in the rural areas, the country has developed and continues to develop and is utilizing its vast natural resources very effectively.

Hunting Safaris to Mozambique has drawn interest from the hunting world at large, as more and more large trophies are being taken while the safety aspect of the country, has all but disappeared from everyone’s mind. Under tremendous financial support from the west, Mozambique is emerging as one of Africa’s diamonds and the protection and conservation of her wilderness has benefited from a more or less tried and tested African system.

Today there are vast unfenced tracts of hunting land under private control and management and these are your best hunting bet – remember the country is still recovering from the effects of the civil war but there are pockets of wilderness where the hunting is as good if not better than anywhere else on the continent.

What you get in Mozambique is the feeling of true remote hunting, many parts of the country are still being resettled and it is witout a doubt one of the first you should consider if you’re into the more adventurous true African type of safari.

Hunting Legends offers you access to some of the finest hunting concessions in Mozambique in association with local partners, who own the Government controlled hunting areas. For the best opportunity and a tailor made hunting package which wont break the bank, we strongly advise you to contact us for more detail.

Some of the best Elephant Trophies are currently being taken in Mozambique and although USA citizens are still restricted with Ivory Imports from Mozambique it is bound to change soon. However, the country also offers spectacular Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile, Sable and Plains Game hunting opportunities.

Hunting in Mozambique can easily be compared to discovering a beautiful unspoilt beach of your own – great hunting and an adventure you will always remember.