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Areas and Lodges

“The World may have invented the watch, however Africa owns the time”!


 World Class Lodging awaits you when booking with us:

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  • All our hunting concessions Areas and Lodges in Africa are royally appointed and as luxurious as they come.
  • Although we are firm believers in QUALITY WITH NO COMPROMISE, our prices are market related and very reasonable.
  • Our facilities and services are however hard to beat as we believe in going that extra mile for ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Our services include fully serviced lodging and catering with some of the finest cuisine you will ever taste in Africa.
  • Laundry services come free of charge and is done daily, so you can travel light.
  • Beverages and special dietary requests are common and can be arranged in advance, with no extra charge.
  • Although hunting in Africa is perhaps considered as one of the ultimate safaris to be taken, you needn’t compromise on quality, comfort and convenience when doing so. Hunting Legends Africa takes pride in offering you world class – services, accommodation and dining at no more than our standard rates in the industry.
  • We want you, to not only enjoy your hunt, but also have the time of your life. Bring your friends, your family and your spouse.
  • Many of our return customers are people bringing their spouses back, as what you will experience with Hunting Legends is by a far cry – not roughing it in Africa.
  • Having the best hunting concessions is always the challenge, having world class facilities in the bush, to accompany such concessions is what separates us from the crowd.
  • Our concessions are huge and breathtaking to say the least, our facilities and accommodations are even better! See for yourself!
  • Hunting in Africa shouldn’t be the pain staking and the proverbial test of man’s strength. It should be done in class and with a colonial awe like it used to be in the old days.
  • Hunting Legends takes pride in the way we conduct our hunts and manage our facilities, hence we are recognized as one of the leading service providers in the industry.
  • Attention to every detail and innovative creativity beyond your wildest imagination is what awaits you when booking your hunt with us.
  • We need your business and you are important to us, so we will give you more than you imagine, better than you have ever had before and a safari like no other!
  • Talk is cheap and photo’s often deceiving, however when dealing with Hunting Legends Africa, you will soon realize what separates our business from most other outfitters.
  • Don’t just ask for a quote, ask for references and we will gladly give you names and contact details of our recent visitors.
  • Once you have hunted with Hunting Legends, you may just become addicted to another way of having things done and taken care of – so beware – you will guaranteed come back from more as everybody else does.
  • We have world class hunting concessions throughout Africa, ranging from South Africa (main base), through to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.
  • Our main camp and base in South Africa borders Botswana in the north and belongs to a royal family – private, exclusive and unbeatable.
  • On this concession we have 4 x private camps and we can accommodate more than 100 people on this 50 000 acre ranch – a feat very few other operators can accommodate.
  • All our camps are well staffed with highly trained people and offers you a colonial service and a fantastic hunt.
  • Even our shooting range has been lavishly built. Offering you closed circuit TV on the targets, skeet and c lay shooting machines, toilets and recreation facilities, pool table and flood lights for night shooting. Come and experience quality and service like never before.
  • Sleep in our tree house (photo above) and look at the crocodile’s and hippo wading in the Limpopo river in front of the deck, while sipping on a glass of great African wine.
  • Treat your wife, treat your family and enjoy amenities such as horse riding (hunting on horseback), quad bikes, boats and fishing and a lot more …
  • Book your day spa treatment with our qualified therapist and masseuse.
  • Fly into camp if you don’t wont to drive … but get here! It’s the best Africa can offer you!

BOOK your hunt to Africa – and “BE THE LEGEND”