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Types of Hunting Safaris & Packages

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As Hunting Legends operates and hunts some of the finest hunting grounds in all of Africa, we offer a variety of hunting safaris and options for the hunter.

It is thus important for you to look at what the experience is you are looking for and what you would like to hunt? It is as important for you to decide in which country you would like to hunt, as every country in Africa offers its own unique experience and safari:

  • Plains Game Hunting Safaris
    (South Africa & Namibia)
  • Big 5 Hunting Safaris
    (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania)
  • Wingshooting Safari
    (South Africa, Namibia)
  • Biltong Hunting (Jerky Safari)
    (South Africa, Namibia)
  • Exotic Hunting Safaris – Bongo, Lord Derby Eland & forest species
    (Cameroon, DRC)
  • Speciality Safaris – Mountain Nyala and specialty trophies like Blue Duiker and others.
    This is tailor made around what you are looking for in species and depending on that we will advise the best country and area for your selection.

Make sure you know what you are looking for as your safari will be packaged around your needs and the experience you are looking for. Please ensure that you share your needs with us in advance, so that we can custom make the safari to suit your needs, expectations and your budget.



Africa provides you the opportunity to hunt in huge non-fenced hunting areas like in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Cameroon, DRC and others.

Most hunting areas or ranches in South Africa also provide you with excellent hunting opportunities and a huge variety of species, however, all areas in South Africa are high fenced even if some of the areas are very big. None of the areas Hunting Legends operates or hunt on are smaller than 10,000 acres and some are bigger than 100,000 acres.

Namibia also have a few non-fenced hunting areas, however, most private hunting areas in Namibia are also now high fenced as ranch owners protect their animals. There is however also a large number of hunting ranches in Namibia which have excellent hunting opportunities in what is known as low fenced areas, where game still migrate between ranches.



Unlike many other countries, many of the private game reserves or ranches in Southern Africa are privately owned and the ranch owners (such as ourselves) actually own the property and the game on it.

Other Government controlled areas in countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania and Mozambique, the property and the game belongs to the authorities. These are governed by strict quota systems and only a limited number of quota per specie is allocated to an area or outfitter managing that concession (as it is referred to).

License and trophy fees are payable to the authorities in such areas and will be included in the price or quote provided to you.



All the countries we operate in allow the export of trophies you have hunted. However, certain countries have restrictions between themselves and for example the USA. Mozambique as an example does allow the hunting of Elephants. However, USA citizens may not import Elephant trophies back to the USA (if hunted in Mozambique). This is due to a restriction between the USA Wildlife & Fisheries people and Mozambique.

It is thus important for you to know what you want to hunt and to ensure that the country you will be hunting in allows for the export of the trophy you are interested in.

Hunting Legends will ensure that you only hunt in areas or countries which will allow the export of your trophies.



Most professional African Outfitters go to the extreme to ensure that your stay in Africa will not only be a memorable experience, but also comfortable, good accommodation and good food.

However, some areas are very remote and thus don’t have the luxury of world class lodges and may only provide you with fly tents and a very basic yet comfortable bush camp. It is thus important to share your thoughts and needs with us in advance so that you know what you can expect and that this suits your needs.

The more information you share with us, the better we can structure your Safari to Africa.

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