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Hunting Leopards

Brendan's leopardLeopards are perhaps the most challenging of all the Big 5 to hunt in Africa. Hunting Leopards in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and even South Africa is one of the most exciting and adrenalin rushing hunts you could ever do.

Hunting Legends has some of the finest Leopard hunting areas to hunt on and we have a high success ratio based on our knowledge of the areas. It is against the law to hunt any female Leopard in all of the countries we hunt in.

The hunting of Leopards has become a controversial and sensitive matter, hence we can only hunt Leopard in certain areas in Africa and where the authorities issue legal permits and tags. In most countries the use of hunting hounds are not permitted, while others allow this. Hunting with hounds in South Africa as an example is not allowed. Hunting Leopards on bait is the most common way of hunting Leopard in most parts of Africa, however it is the choice of the hunter & applicable laws of the country in mention at the end of the day.


  • If you want a very memorable hunt and rewarding hunt, then a fair chase Leopard hunt using bait and demanding all your hunting skills will be the most rewarding.
  • Your success cannot be guaranteed, however the art lies in choosing the right area and the right hunting outfit to secure you the best results.
  • Area selection is perhaps the most important decision first and this can only be achieved if you deal with a company which has access to the best Leopard hunting areas in Africa.
  • Areas which have few annual permits issued is a clear sign that there are perhaps not many Leopard in the area to start off with. Thus it is important to enquire how many Leopards are harvested in a specific area annually, before making your decision.
  • Leopards are very seldom hunted on ranches and thus it is the more rural areas into Africa, where Leopard abound and tags (permits) come available annually. For example, the Luangwa area in Zambia is an excellent Leopard hunting area, however these areas are remote and the cost of the hunt more than in areas like Namibia or South Africa.
  • These remote areas however provide you the best hunting experience by far and a hunt which you will always cherish.

Their seems to be a public outcry that Leopard are indeed endangered throughout Africa. As this may be true to some countries and even areas within countries, this is not the case in others where Leopard are indeed often too many.  All Leopard tags (permits) are issued by the Departments of Nature Conservation based on annual senses’ done and indeed Leopard tags are often annually withheld as has been the case in Namibia.


Get ready for the hunt of a life time!