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Hunting Africa



The Hunting Legends Group based in Africa offers you a host of excellent hunting opportunities in Africa.

Before we tell you more about hunting in Africa, remember this – the sooner you book – the cheaper it is! Airfares go up every day believe it or not. The closer you get to the date, the more expensive it becomes – up to 70% more expensive. Check it out – see what their prices are today and go back in a week’s time!

Save money by booking today! We can help you save money and get the best value for your buck! Visit our flying and contact pages for more details.

Africa is a huge continent and offers the extreme hunter a variety of options to choose from. No other country in the ‘world’ can offer you what Africa has to offer. On most, if not all hunters’ – wish list, is Africa, and Africa will most likely remain on top of this list. No other hunting experience, can offer you such an exhilarating experience like hunting in Africa.

Many hunters have had this opportunity and privilege, however millions have yet to discover this fantastic and awesome adventure. An adventure of a life time, giving you the opportunity of not only hunting “the most notorious & dangerous” animals on the planet, but also having the experience of being able to take down a super trophy, on virtually every day of your hunt!

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We offer you the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of options, be it your first, second or tenth time to Africa. If you haven’t hunted with “HUNTING LEGENDS and Real Africa Safaris”, chances are that you still haven’t experienced a ‘best African safari’. What then differentiates Hunting Legends to most other safaris on offer in Africa today?

First and foremost, most safaris on offer, are done on small private ranches or farms, as they are called here. These farms are normally well stocked with game, have excellent lodge facilities and give you good value for your money. Nothing wrong with that! Except, it’s still not the ‘real deal’!

The ‘real deal’ is hunting in conservation areas and large nature reserves. Areas which not only give you a lot more game and species to choose from, however also, is home to “Africa’s BIG 5“. The notorious and dangerous game of Africa, “Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino“!

That’s the ‘real deal’! Having the opportunity to hunt with the hunters!

Hunting Legends


1. First decide on what you would like to hunt.

2. Remember to keep your budget in mind (if this is important) as some of these big stuff can get quite expensive. Have a look at our general price list in the ► Navigation Menu  then scroll down to relevant price list.

3. Then decide, for how long you can do this hunt. Baring in mind that seven days is about the shortest you should try to do. Any shorter than this and it could become quite tiring, especially if you want to hunt a great deal of species. On certain species such as “The Big 5” there are a minimum prescribed-days by law.

4. Should you have a specific interest in a country of your choice, you can request this immediately. HUNTING LEGENDS’, has prime hunting concessions in South Africa, Namibia (including the world renowned Caprivi Delta), Botswana (and the swamps), Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. Should you not know where you would like to start your Africa adventure, you can leave this up to us and we will advise and make the best suggestions to suit your needs.

5. If you have been to Africa before, and are now looking at getting that big trophy you have always been looking for, you can also contact us for a specific request. Once again, we know our areas, and thus know where we have special trophies available which may suit your request.

6. Perhaps you are a first timer and are just looking at the most affordable option on offer. Don’t despair, we can help here too! We have several options to choose from, which can accommodate even the smallest of budgets. In fact if you can afford hunting in America, you can afford Africa too. You can have a great hunt in Africa for less than $10 000 all inclusive. If you wan’t more information on this, or this doesn’t quite meet your needs, once again, don’t fret, simply email us your request and we will take care of the rest.

7. Make sure to visit our “destination page”, and scroll down to the information provided, such as questionnaires, general information, contracts and a lot more.

8. Be sure to visit “Service” too, which will inform you of your service and facilities you can expect.

9. Most important, if you haven’t found what you are looking for here, drop us an email or post a comment and we will be in touch immediately to see how we can help. You can post a private comment in any one of our posts, pages or articles. Please just ensure that you mark it as private should you not want the world to know, and we GUARANTEE you it won’t be shown. Be sure to post your contact details here too, or we wouldn’t know how to contact you.

10. Last but not least, do not let the opportunity to hunt in Africa, pass you by. It’s the best experience any hunter could ever have, and we have hundreds of satisfied references who have been with us before.


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