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Thank you to verybody who supported us and visited us at the Harrisburg Show – we look forward to seeing you again next year and wish you well. On behalf of Phillip, Cornè, George , Andrew and Ronnie, we also want to thank everybody who made this possible. Thanks Nolan, Vinny, Frank, SNA Team and the Hart family.

If you’re still looking for a good deal to hunt Africa, please contact us and allow us the opportunity to present you with a FREE QUOTE. We will still be in the USA for a good couple of weeks and would love to talk to you. No matter what your budget is, or what you may be looking for, we are confident that we can help and provide you with the best hunting adventure you weill ever have.

Contact Phillip: USA – 484 – 357 2772 or

or request your FREE QUOTE NOW:

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If you perhaps missed out on our news letter or haven’t heard of our “Trophy Progress Reports” then take a look at the CONTACT section of our website. Scroll down to Trophy Progress Reports and follow the links to get UP TO DATE and ONLINE information of your trophy progress reports – A first of it’s kind online system brought to you by Hunting Legends.


Jim and Louise Shockey with Phillip, Cornè and George

Jim Shockey surely needs no introduction and we would like to pay tribute to Jim and Louise for everything they have done to promote and protect the hunting industry. Our website is all about LEGEBNDS and Jim is a true living legend to us!

Visit the Harrisburg show and meet with our team for that hunt in a life time – don’t just be, be the legend!

Jim Shockey with Vinny Barranco and the Lion taken by Vinny with a bow at 28 yards.

The BOW HUNTING WIZARD visits Hunting Legends

Yet another living and very young legend vistited our booth at Harrisburg. Meet Randy Oitker – Guiness World Book of Record holder. Randy accomplished shooting six arrows at six targets with one shot – WOW!

Celebrity Gun builder Bobby Hart (Hart Rilfes) & the “Bow Wiz Kid – Randy Oitker in person.”

Bobby Hart (left) of RW HART Custom Rifles certainly needs no introduction as Bobby is world famoius for building rifles which can shoot and win all major – ling distance shooting competitions. Bobby has personally won many awards and world competitions in long distance shooting. He also holds several records including 1900 yards on a mule deer shot.

Bobby is a long time friend of ours and hunts with us every year – here we see Bobby visiting our booth with yet anouther legend in the making, Randy Oitker.

Randy Oitker – Guiness Record Bow Shooter – ONE SHOT – SIX ARROWS – SIX BALLOONS! Check this out folks and see how Randy made the Guiness World Book of Records – DON’T JUST BE … BE THE LEGEND!

Legends needn’t be old – they come in all shapes and ages, and Randy has proven this beyond any doubt. Take a look at Randy Oitker breaking new grounds and setting the bar for Bow Hunters – you make us proud Randy, and its great having you as a friend of Hunting Legends.

Randy in London for the Guiness Record Shoot out.

JOE BYERS (Left) and JOELLA BATES visit our booth

More celebrities visit our booth – Joe Byers (Celebrity Journalist and International Hunter) with Joella Bates (Huntress of Huntresses – Big 5 with a Bow in 2009)

Hunting Legends continues to drwa the crowds and celebrities as yet another two famius people drop in to say hallo. Both Joe and Joella are well know for their hunting skills and achievements and we pay tribute to yet more legends who are friends of the Hunting Legends family.


Left to right – George Hinton, Doc , Lucky Luciano, Phillip Mostert and Ronnie Webster

Legends come in all shapes, sizes and from every walk of life and LUCKY LUCIANO is no exception! Born and raised in Chicago, Lucky is certainly no stranger in the industry and has served the hunting industry well – President SCI (Chicago Chapter for 12 years).

Lucky has retired as a businessman and now devotes his time doing what he loves most – hunting in Africa and across the globe. He has also expanded his own booking business, by  guiding and offering clients the opportunity to hunt with him all over the world.


Take a look at this cute little one visiting her first Harrisburg show – it’s one big family event folks, so get down here and join in the fun! Our booth is in the Wild Wild West Hall – booth number 5109.

Now aint she cute? (Both of them!)

Hunt with the Legends of Africa and .. don’t just be, be the legend!

  Trophies done by Taxidermy Maestro –  Frank J Zitz & Company

(To contact Frank in New York visit: or see our pages on taxidermists)

Hi folks …

The Harrisburg Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania (USA) is about to kick off yet another great year. Make sure to pay the show a visit and see thousands of exhibitors struttung their stuff and bringing you the latest products, services and destinations:

HUNTING LEGENDS BOOTH – no 5109 – Wild Wild West Hall


  • World Class hunting destinations – 7 countries in Africa to choose from.
  • Quality trophies – Plains game and Big 5 options.
  • Best prices and variety packages available.
  • Several hunting specials including tags for Big 5.
  • TV Shows and DVD’s on sale.

Pop in at our booth and get the best deals for Africa now – FREE QUOTES – LEOPARD TAGS – LION TAGS – BIG ELEPHANT – BUFFALO SPECIALS AND PLAINS GAME BONANZA’S.

Meet the NEW YORK guys who hunted LIONS with bows during 2009 and lots more ..

BOOTH 5109 – the best African Booth on the Show with spectacular trophies on display!

Vinny Barranco’s Lion hunted with a 70pounds Matthew Bow in 2009.


RW HART Booth no: 7203

Also make sure to visit the booth of RW Hart & Son – “The best custom rifle builders in the World”!

Meet with Bobby Hart in person and Wally Hart (Father) and experience custom gun smithing like non other. If you’re looking for the that once in a lfie time – long distance rifle that can do it – then you need a HART!