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If you live in the United States of America, then you must get in touch with these guy’s. Sportsmen of North America is a great membership organization for hunters!

Started by Keith Powell, Sportsmen of North America is growing from strength to strength – week after week. They host their own Cable TV Shows and sponsor GIVE AWAY hunts every week of the year!

If you haven’t visited yet you are missing out big time!

These are homest christian folks with a passion for hunting and the great outdoors, and strive to give their members the best value for their buck!

Sportsmen of North America visited us this year in Africa, and we had a blast! Keith Powell, Heath Painter and Bobby Hart (RW HART & SON) came to Namibia this year, and we filmed an excellent hunt and TV show which will be showing soon.

Make sure to visit SPORTSMENNA.COM today, and check out their membership details!

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