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Calvin Ayre / Cole Turner

The thieving allegations by Mayan Sports escalated in after years when it was discovered the Bodog founder and CEO, then using the alias Cole Turner, was really Calvin Ayre. This was controversial since in the moment, the industry was not yet aware that he was supporting El Moro Finance Ltd. (BVI). The true story came out afterwards that he had increased funds for Cyberoad as a”consultant”, it failed, and a firm he commanded acquired all of the assets, at that time he began using an alias (Cole Turner).

This was not the first questionable business dealing involving Calvin Ayre.
Calvin AyreThe self-told narrative about his past is that he had been born to Canadian grain and pig farmers in 1961. After college and several failed business ventures, he sold everything he owned to raise $10,000 from 1994 to begin a software company that would eventually become Bodog. What’s often omitted from the narrative is that his father was convicted in 1987 for smuggling 750 pounds of marijuana. While Calvin was not charged or detained, he was referred to by the judge for a co-conspirator that”undoubtedly played a part” In a separate run in with the legislation, in 1991 that he had been civilly charged with insider trading, but settled for a $10,000 fine and was banned by the Vancouver Stock Exchange before 2016.

When it was discovered that Cole Turner was really Calvin Ayre (the owner of Bodog and eSportz), this made Mayan Sports and many Cyberoad investors angry. It’s reasonable to say that Calvin Ayre had no shortage of enemies in his early career. But looking ahead to today, Bodog has ever been an honest and respectable gambling site which has paid all winners. Mayan, on the other hand, proved to be a rogue gaming site (D+ rated now ). It’s difficult without all of the details about implicate Calvin Ayre of much, but according to track records conducting a gambling site, Calvin Ayre’s reputation is spotless from the perspective of both Bodog account holders and their obligations.

The Big Book Closing

To get back on the right track with the timeline of Bovada history, as mentioned, the business that started Bodog, eSportz was powering The Large Book and sharing a workplace. Each company used the same payment and accounting company too. The story of their falling out with Bodog involves a girl called Viktoria Zazoulina (called Vika) who had immigrated from the Ukraine into Vancouver, BC, Canada in early 1990’s.

Vika chose a position with Kazootek Technologies Ltd. at their start (strongly thought to have been another Calvin Ayre firm ) that did all the financial accounting for its ebanx payment method. Vika began as a professional accountant and had such a good (perceived) work ethic her managers increased her cover and coated her education towards a CGA designation (Canada’s word for CPA). She eventually reached the top of the company and hired her friend Tatiana Kostiouk (known as Tanya).

In time, both Vika and Tanya became signing officers in most of the organization’s Kazootek Technologies Ltd. (meaning they had access to all bank accounts). By this time, Vika was a true immigration success story earning over $100,000 each year. However life shifted. This was the date on which Vika and Tanya signed the first of many tests used to embezzle large sums of cash from customers, most of which believed them close friends. As they stole and got away with it for decades, their confidence rose. They registered a new worker, Greg Tanner, to help start a competing company, which used technology stolen from Kazootek and fund money from their clients.

According to a article (no longer online) we suspect was composed by Calvin Ayre, they soon dragged The Big Book into a plan to become a client and started conspiring the way to sneak the source code out of eSportz. With an investigation already under way into the strange behaviour seen from Vika in recent months, alarm bells went off when she gave her two-week notice in mid-2003. Not allowing her to ruin evidence for the subsequent two weeks, she was immediately escorted out of the building, and her office and computers were locked down for forensic audit. The aftermath was the ending of a lawsuit, and Bodog ending its partnership with The Big Book. From this day forward, was the sole brand powered with the eSportz computer software.

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