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As around 10 were arrested in clashes with police in 20, at least one England fan was injured.
While fire was returned by authorities in full riot equipment using stun grenades england supporters hurled bottles.
A pool of blood was left on the road where one individual had been pinned to the ground.
He was seen receiving treatment in the rear of a crane, while some others had been awakened one by one right into a police van with hands behind their backs.
Police were not able to confirm how many arrests are made.
The dreadful scenes erupted just before 7pm local time after an afternoon of drinking for supporters who had descended upon the city ahead of their groups European Qualifier from the Czech Republic.
Countless fans took in the Old Town of the city over a square, singing and chanting.
There had been little trouble, together with police participation limited to telling enthusiasts to remove flags from buildings until night fell.
However, since bottles were pelted at officials, a documented warning had been played English warning them toobey the law and face firearms and pyrotechnics are illegal.
Since missiles continued to be thrown, czech police progressed, firing stun grenades as English fans were forced back through a small archway.
About 10 guys were pinned to a corner and forced to lie face down, while the other was seen being held on the floor nearby as officials secured the scene.
Almost 3,800 England fans bought tickets for Friday nights clash, even though more are believed to have travelled.
The overdue kick-off period of 8.45pm and the citys party reputation led to fears of a repeat of ugly scenes witnessed on recent trips to Amsterdam, Dortmund and Porto.
The fixture also surfaced for the countrys most famous singer, Karel Gott, who died a week, and travelling fans have been advised to be respectful of mourners.
Ahead of the match, the Football Association requested fans toreport which idiot should they visit anti-social behaviour, while police urged those moving into the game not toembarrass themselves.
Deputy chief constable Mark Roberts, the National Police Chiefs Councils football policing lead, stated :Pragues a beautiful city. Go, like it, its an absolutely amazing location. Weve got a group thats worth so theres plenty of items supporting and celebrating.
Just dont embarrass yourself or anyone else by drinking to excess and behaving in a way where you can wind up on film or print the following moment.

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