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The New Jersey Devils will Measure on the ice for the first time since a lackluster effort from the Buffalo Sabres.

With a nice break, the Devils are looking for a much better outing than in Buffalo. They were losers by a score of 7-2 in a different game that featured many defensive breakdowns. After blowing off a 4-0 lead against the Jets to lose 5-4 in a shootout, the Devils responded with a 7-2 loss in Buffalo.
Thats a quick way to eliminate fan support in only two games. There was lots of buzz all of summer surrounding this Devils team. The acquisition of P.K. Subban was one of the most talked movements of the offseason and Jack Hughes dropped in their hands after obtaining luck in the draft lottery.
It is apparent that the real estate investment the Devils created on Subban hasnt made an impact. Is Subban to? Absolutely not. First, it moment and game, more aid is needed by the blue line. They cant only rely on Subban. He was the best guy on the marketplace which the Devils could have brought in, but it doesnt mean that the Devils have depth.
The Devils are currently looking for consistency and wellness between the pipes. 1 game into the season and Cory Schneider had to abandon the match due to stringing, leaving Mackenzie Blackwood, that got burnt up and blew a 4-1 lead with the crease. Blackwood was back against the Sabres on net and that of course went wrong as well. Schneider is scheduled to be back tonight, but he must find a rhythm . Adding Subban will soon likely be irrelevant if Schneider plays well and does not stay healthy.
The Flyers will perform only their second game of the year tonight after dispatching the Blackhawks so theyve had a much larger layoff than the Devils. The NHL schedule may be in this season. Carter Hart, who made himself a name last season, will probably understand the crease for the Flyers. Head below for our complimentary Devils vs. Flyers pick.
When things begin to click for the Devils this year offensively, theyre going to be a fun team to watch. The development of rookie Jack Hughes is going to be critical to their entire potential being reached by the Devils. He is just 18 years old, thus we have to keep this in mind when evaluating him so far. As he searches for his first stage in the NHL it has not been great news for him.
The numbers that it has been already reported two games by Hughes played with a +/- of -3. Hughes has also recorded 3 shots on internet. Generally, back-checking for forwards in the NHL can be hard and takes time to develop. Men are a lot quicker than theyre used to and it takes some getting used to. It should come to Hughes, but in the meantime the Devils are going to continue with him on the ice. As Simmonds and Coleman are a Few well-rounded veterans getting paired to the line together with Blake Coleman and Wayne Simmonds assists.
Cory Schneider was under average against the Flyers. In 12 games played with, Schneider has published a 2.90 GAA and also 0.897 save percentage. Its incredible like that the Flyers exploit on the New Jersey defence within their home opener and come out. While Schneider was strong in his career at home using a 2.20 GAA, it slides into a 2.60 GAA when traveling to the road.
Carter Hart played game against a rookie plus the Devils. He was shaky with a 3.15 GAA and 0.885 save percent. The Flyers were champions with a score of 6-3 in their latest meeting on March 1st. Together with the defence reeling for the Devils, anticipate the Flyers to put together a similar performance with 5 or so targets. Theyve already enabled 12 goals and this number should grow bigger tonight. I enjoy a 5-3 or 5-4 closing with the OVER a good bet in Philadelphia tonight.

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