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Staten Island New York

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Bow hunting guru ..

You will go a very long way before you find another person in this world like Vincent Berranco. Vinnie is not only a very good friend of ours, but also the most loyal and passionate person we have ever met. If Vinnie tells you he will take care of it, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be done.

Vinnie Berranco has a very successful family business in New York and also helps advise people with booking very good hunting trips all over the world. Vinnie is also one of the most experienced bow hunters we have ever come across and knows what

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it takes to get the job done.

Take a look at the following video, where Vinnie takes on the King of the African jungle – WITH HIS BOW!

Vinny Beranco Lion(4)

Vincent Berranco

Vinnys Giraffe

Even took his Giraffe on the same trip with a bow!

If you want to meet a person with true life passion and as humble as they come, then Vinnie Berranco is your man. Vinnie will only give you good advice and will always be honest in every suggestion or recommendation he gives you.

Contact Vinnie Berranco at:

Mobile: 917-364-6271

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