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When most people were sleeping, former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor put out a tweet stating that he has retired from MMA. Below is the Complete quotation from his tweet:
“Hey guys quick announcement, I have decided to retire from the sport officially known as”Mixed Martial Art” today. I need my coworkers well going in competition. I now join my spouses on this particular venture, currently in retirement. Suitable Pina Coladas on me fellas!”
At first glance, it is difficult to take McGregor seriously. This is not the first time he’s said he is retired from MMA. Another time he tweeted something similar after he had been submitted by Nate Diaz in a shocker at UFC 196. Just a couple of months after tweeting he had been back at the cage, winning a vast majority decision over Diaz in UFC 202. So if McGregor tweets something about retiring from MMA, then you have to keep in mind he’s pulled this stunt before.
At second glance, though, there could be something more to this. In the end, McGregor doesn’t need MMA. It’s only a matter of whether he has that burning passion to step into the cage, because as far as finances go, he is set for life. The Floyd Mayweather boxing superfight at 2017 made McGregor up of $100 million, which monetary windfall help put him up for success using Suitable 12 whiskey. McGregor doesn’t really truly”need” MMA anymore. However he’s a rival, and he probably does not wish to venture out on a catastrophic entry loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 in his last bout, not to mention all the shenanigans that went along with it.
If anything, this could all be a strategy by McGregor. It is smart for McGregor to capture the eye of MMA fans and media. He has not even fought in almost a year and yet is still talked about over almost any other fighter. He’s clearly a very smart guy. The UFC has had discussions with McGregor about returning at UFC 239 at a co-main event bout against Nate Diaz, but McGregor has been adamant he would like to fight in the main event, and it appears that’s in the crux of his beef with UFC president Dana White and co.. This could all be McGregor posturing and trying to acquire the UFC to call his bluff, but it remains to be seen.
With no McGregor, the UFC will need to go ahead and book UFC 239 with no as a possible fight. The rumors are that the UFC wants to do Daniel Cormier from Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight title in the main event, and there are plenty of other alternatives for your card including Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington for the UFC welterweight title. Just as the fans need to see McGregor come back and fight someone like Diaz, as much as it seems like the advertising demands McGregor, they really don’t, along with the UFC’s well-oiled machine will probably continue to move forwards with or without the Irish celebrity.
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