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After being passed time penalties in the aftermath of his first-lap conflict with Max Verstappen charles Leclerc has fallen somewhere to seventh at a GP result.
The Ferrari driver has been supplied a five-second sanction for its episode itself after stewards ruled Leclerc waspredominantly at fault for the crash, which compelled the Red Bull off track and effectively ended Verstappens race.
But Leclerc was handed a severe punishment for continuing on with a front wing beyond the opening lap – then after it had broken carrying on for a lap and debris broken Lewis Hamiltons Mercedes wing mirror behind.
Ferrari were also fined 25,00 Euro
By not bringing automobile 16 into the pits at the end of a 1, immediately following the incident for a security review when there was hurt obviously visible and then by telling the driver to remain outside for an additional lap after telling that the Race Director otherwise, the group created an unsafe condition on the circuit that only narrowly averted being a significant incident and also increased the probability of further incidents following the one noticed, stated the stewards.
Leclerc falls to place behind the Daniel Ricciardo of Renault.
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