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The best hunting team in Africa.

Meet the Team of Hunting Legends Africa who will ensure that your safari will be the adventure and safari of a life time. Our commitment to service excellence has become our trump card in business, as we continue to grow into one of the biggest and most professional “hunting businesses” in Africa.

As a valued friend, you will be hosted by a senior member of Hunting Legends Africa, who will entertain you, share his or her intimate knowledge of the area and constantly ensure the quality of your experience, without crowding your style.


However before we introduce you to the key management staff …

We first need to pay tribute to the real people behind Hunting Legends Africa – our staff. Without our staff we are absolutely nothing and these are the people responsible for ensuring that your safari will be the most memorable vacation you will ever have.

These are also the people who don’t often get into the limelight, recognized at the shows or even acknowledged on websites, however, at Hunting Legends Africa we know that our business is worthless without all the Professional Hunters, Trackers, Skinners, Drivers, Cooks, Cleaners, Handymen, Anti-poaching Staff and general workers who make up the “real hunting legends team”

We want to pay tribute to these people and thank them for making Hunting Legends Africa what it is today!



  • Convenience, fast and efficient customer service.
  • Reliable and honest business service at your back door.
  • No communication or time barriers.
  • Unrestricted access and communication efficiency.
  • Travel assistance, pick up and drop services.
  • Total care of your hunt, trophies, shipping and overall customer care.
  • A lot more to mention….

Your Hunting Legends Africa Team offers you …

  • Professional Hunting Services by some of the very best in the industry
  • The finest hunting areas in all of Africa
  • Magnificent lodging and accommodation
  • World class trophies, BIG 5 and PLAINS GAME
  • Comprehensive customer service from A to Z
  • Affordable hunting packages and pricing options
  • A fun filled safari with senior hosts
  • A memorable experience and the best time of your lif


Hunting Legends Africa offers you the very best in Africa hunting.

With more than 20 Professional Hunters in our the Hunting Legends Africa Team, you will get to experience a safari like never before. Combine this with our customer service support and seamless admin service, your safari to Africa could not be in better hands.

Contact us today for the best service in the industry, some of the finest hunting areas in Africa, magnificent lodging AND world class trophies.