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Putting God first in our lives

Hunting Legends Living for God

We all make mistakes in life, and so have we – many of them! One however, reaches a stage in life where you are forced to take stock. Take stock of your past, your mistakes, your successes and your future. A future which can only succeed, if you realize your mistakes, accept these mistakes, and endeavor to learn from them.

As humans we are often vulnerable to every beck and call of the world out there, that making place for God in your life, seldom happens early. Only after you are brought to your knees, face failure and defeat in the eye, do you start worrying about how to fix things, fix your mistakes and secure a better future. Many mistakes made cannot be undone and we have to live with that! What can be changed is our future, a future which we believe will only succeed with the blessing of God.

Indeed, the only way to be truly happy is to live with excellence and integrity. Any hint of compromise will taint our greatest victories or our grandest achievements.

Being in the hunting industry we sometimes draw negative comments from anti-hunting and animal rights people who accuse us of being butchers, murderers and they call us some of the worst names imaginable.

In our opinion it is sad that life has come to this, where fellow human beings have no respect for others and will use everything in their powers to accuse you of something they themselves know very little of. They use vulgar and abusive language as if it is second nature to them and we are left in awe as to how little we all mean to each other?

We are certain that God does not want us as fellow human beings to fight and to abuse each other in such disrespectful manners. Hence, it has become our mission not to get involved in any mud slinging contests and we wont stoop to the level of abusing people who don’t share our opinions or what we do.

If you don’t like hunting and don’t believe we are conserving much more than we harvest, it is your right to believe what you may and we respect that but we are Living for God.


Our mission …

We are committed to learning from the mistakes of the past, to acknowledge that we have made mistakes and to use the lessons we have learned from, as a useful guide to the future.

“A man without a past, cannot be held as a reliable guide for the future”.

We are Living for God, and put HIM first in our lives and our our business, and we accept that we were put in this world to excel and to live every day to the fullest of our capabilities.

We are committed to living life with excellence and integrity, and thank God for this wonderful opportunity.

God bless you and have a wonderful day!

 Hunting Legends