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Thank you for visiting our site, we trust that you will find the information provided useful and informative. We also look forward to seeing you in Africa on your BIG 5 SAFARI soon! Please feel free to click on any of the links provided and see what we can offer you:

There are two basic requirements for a cartridge when hunting the big stuff in Africa: STOPPING POWER and PENETRATION

There has always been and most likely will continue to be in the future, a debate amongst gun enthusiasts as to which rifle in the world meets the above requirements. Shooting bullets of more than 500 grain and at velocities in excess of 2300 feet per second, requires some gun – believe you me!

Let’s take a look at the famous Jeffery, certainly a rifle and manufacturer which has stood the test of time. For many people super high velocities and high energies are like a drug, the more the better. THEY ARE WRONG!

We have been in this business long enough to stand our ground on this argument and we have also seen our fair share of big game trophies shot, by virtually any calibre you can think of in this class. Beyond a certain point no more killing power is needed. Animals are living creatures, not armoured cars as some romantic Africa Would Be Game Hunters like to promote on their get rich quick dvd’s. You can kill an elephant or buffalo only once, not twice …. For example, the capacity of the .500 Jeffery is larger than the .460 Weatherby and if loaded to the same pressure level of 55,000 psi, it would produce superior balistics, but to what end? The following information is credited to well known author Tony Sanchez-Arino.

We hope that the following facts will help you to better understand some important points about the .500 Jeffery:

  • A bullet of 535 grains (34.5 grams), at 2 400 feet muzzle velocity, takes 0.0709 of a second to cover 50 metres, 0.1467 to 100 metres and 0.2274 to 150 metres.
  • With a side wind of 2.20 metres per second the bullet has a deviation of 6 milimetres at 50 metres, 22 milimetres at 100 metres and 50 milimetres at 150, which produces a very high accuracy level.
  • The trajectory of the bullet is: 1,5 centimetres high at 50 metres, 0.0 at 100 and 7.5 cm low at 150, which is similar to many smaller calibres shooting a bullet less than half the weight of the .500 Jeffery.

The famous ammunition factory of Norma in Sweden has recently introduced a new line of cartridges named the “African Professsional Hunter”, including most of the more popular calibres but altering the traditional ballistics, increasing the bullet weight between 5 and 12%. The Jeffery is also on the list, with the following innovations:

  • The bullet is 570 grains instead of 535.
  • Muzzle velocity 2 200 feet per second, at 50 metres 2 097 and at 100 metres 1 997.
  • Muzzle energy 6,127 ft/lbs., at 50 metres 5,568 and at 100 metres 5,050 foot pounds.

Now, we don’t necessarily agree with the Norma heavier bullets, however, we can say this unconditionally – The .500 Jeffery is a serious and powerful stopping rifle for big game hunting in Africa! A rifle we believe is about to be re-born in Africa and certainly up to any test which comes it’s way!

500 Jeffery Doubles (384 x 294)

Makers of best guns, double barrelled rifles, and bolt action magazine rifles for over 100 years. Specialist makers of rifles for hunting large and dangerous game throughout the world, and long associated with such impressive proprietary cartridges as the Jeffery .600 and .500 rimless, the .475 and .450 No. 2, the .450/400 3”, the .404 and others Today Jeffery’s continue this tradition with an even wider range of specialised calibres, the rifles for which are hand-made in their central London workshop. In addition to custom gun and rifle making they are able to offer the following services:

  • Specialist gun-fitting.
  • Repairs and renovations to W. J. Jeffery guns and rifles, and other makes.
  • Supply of cartridges and ammunition, gun and rifle accessories.
  • A varied and extensive selection of best new and second-hand guns and rifles always available.

500 Jefferies (384 x 283)


Bolt Action Magazine Rifles

These are generally in the following calibres: .243 Win, .270 Win, .275 Rigby (7 x 57mm), 7mm Rem Mag, .30/06 Springfield, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, .300 H&H, .338 Win, . 375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby, .458 Win & Lott, .500 Jeffery.

Other calibres quoted on request. W. J. Jeffery & Co. build rifles on both original Mauser actions and those currently manufactured which conform to original Mauser specifications. BRNO actions are also used.

Other commercial actions are available on request. Prices range from £5,500 to £14,000 depending on type of action, calibre, grade of wood, engraving, open and telescopic sights, quick detachable mounts, case etc.

Double Barrelled Rifles W. J. Jeffery & Co. manufacture both box-lock and side-lock ejector side by side double rifles in the following big game calibres: .500, .470, .375 H&H, 9. 3 x 74 R. Other calibres quoted on request. Prices for box-lock ejector with traditional deep scroll engraving, case an fittings – from £20,000. Prices for best side-lock ejectors – from £40,000 (£30,000 for calibre 9.3 x 74mm).

Best Side by Side Shotguns 12 and 20 bore available with deep scroll engraving as standard. Holland & Holland style action with assisted self-opening – from £30,000. Beesley/Purdey style action – from £34,000. Special engraving, game scenes, carving, gold inlay etc. quoted seperately. Prices are shown for export only and all contracts are conducted in pounds sterling. For U.K./E.U. orders (non-export) VAT at the current rate is payable on the above prices.

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