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A panda and a walking Chinese lantern is going to be the mascots for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing.
The mascots were revealed in a service at Shougang Ice Hockey Arena at the Chinese capital.
They were explained by beijing mayor Chen Jining as cute, unique and lovely.
“At a visually appealing way, they epitomise that our aspiration to your Beijing 2022 Games, also extend our warm invitation to friends throughout the world,” he said.
The panda is the Olympic mascot. Circles around its confront symbolise 5G technologies and tracks, according to the Beijing construction committee’s web site.
While Dwen Dwen means sincerity, liveliness and wellness bing shows strength and purity, the site said.
A panda’s option , considered a national treasure, was not a surprise for people in China. Some were not impressed by the absence of creativity in deciding on a panda, As many Bing Dwen Dwen because of its cuteness on social media.
The giant panda was the symbol for the Asian Games in Beijing in 1990, and was among the five mascots for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.
“Now is a significant step on a landmark in Beijing’s journey to generate history as the very first ever, in Olympic history, to sponsor both summer and winter versions of the Olympic Games,” International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said in the service.
According to a red lantern, Paralympic mascot Shuey Rhon Rhon creates the atmosphere the committee stated.
It matches a scarf, a group of yellowish doves round its head and a traditional Chinese paper cutting edge.
Shuey means snow in Chinese and the figures for Rhon Rhon imply integration and inclusiveness, implying world civilisations living and communicating in harmony, ” the committee said.
The two mascots were selected from 35 countries from more than 5,800 submissions.

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