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10 Ways to Spot A commitment-phobic man

he’ll have to overcome his anxieties, develop his social skills and discover his inner attractiveness. By the time he’s achieved that, he’ll be able to attract women more awesome than any of his exes. And that’s a journey more satisfying than sex itself. For advice on this journey, including recommendations on adjusting to single life, escaping anxiety and seducing new women, see my free downloadable ‘How To Be Fearless’ PDF.  Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook52Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: Celibacy, Dating, rebound sex Why should you immediately approach the hottest girl at the bar?fling mobile login It appears like a silly question. All single men reading this will tell themselves they’d take action.

But so few actually do – because of the fear. The hottest girl at the bar is obviously the hardest to approach. She’s usually the girl who’s surrounded by huge groups of guys or going wild with her friends on the dance floor. She’s having drinks bought for her. She’s sending men packing like they’re strapped to a bungee cord. The very thought of approaching this angel can turn even the most assured man into stone. He tells himself he’s not good enough for this stunning stranger before even getting to know her. The fear of a bad reaction prevents him from ever finding out for himself. He makes excuses to rationalise this anxiety, and carries on living his life. You’ll always feel resistance when thinking about hitting on the hottest women. You’ll feel it when engaging in any behaviour associated with pain, danger or embarrassment. This resistance is romance’s worst enemy.

Find a solution to fight through it. Even if you don’t get the dream girl, there’s plenty of reasons to approach her as soon as you enter the bar. Eliminating approach anxiety Ironically, the hottest girl at the bar barely gets approached as much as others – and the dudes who do approach are often dumbfounded with anxiety. Many will put on a front of fake confidence or go in with a half-hearted effort to say hello. They expect to be rejected. No wonder she doesn’t wait to send these men on their way. She’s probably dying to talk with a cool guy who can just be himself. So, how can you convert this fake confidence into authentic self-assurance around females?

You have to find a solution to lose the fear. All things considered, confidence is essentially just an absence of fear. The easiest way to remove fear is always to take on similar challenges which can be ten times tougher – and that’s why you should chat up the hottest chick as soon as you set foot in the venue. It’s the toughest thing to do, but just take action. Even if she’s surrounded by dudes. Even though she’s a foot taller than you. Stay in the conversation even when it gets uncomfortable. You may not get the girl, but you faced your fear. Even if it goes horribly, it’ll help you in the long run.

instantly, chatting up the other cute girls at the bar won’t seem half as hard. You’ll relax knowing that no situation will seem as intimidating as that first one. And this relaxed manner will improve others impressions of you, making you appear much more attractive. Creating core confidence Get in the habit of chatting up the hottest girls, while you’re still sort of sober. You’ll be able to remember where you went wrong and get better with every attempt. Eventually, you’ll become a natural at hitting on the hottest woman. It seems impossible at first, but sooner or later it becomes as effortless as making breakfast. You won’t be nervous because you’ve done it so often. You’re not the dude who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

That’s when you’ll spark her attention. The only way you’ll eventually get the hottest girls is always to throw yourself into these situations. You’ll cultivate this core confidence that all girls find irresistible – and eventually become that guy that the hottest chicks WANT to speak to. It’s a long road to becoming this guy, but all it takes is the bravery to step up and say ‘hi’ to the hottest chick.You’ll get blown out a lot, but it’s ultimately worth every penny. It’s the only way you’ll end up with that perfect girl. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: bars, dating advice, flirting, nightclubs Some individuals will dependably let you know that when you’re single you ought to be going out on the town with an alternate date every night of the week!

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This may be extreme, however the thinking behind the announcement is sound: don’t rely on any particular one date there is a week being the ideal one. You have to get out there and continue attempting. That is the reason you ought to date various individuals unless you feel that you’ve discovered the right match. Be Fair in the event you’re dating various individuals at a time, for example you found few new dates on a dating site, make that agreeable to somebody who gives off an impression of being moved quick or needing to take things more remote than you’re without further ado agreeable with. Simply say “Simply, I’m not looking to begin anything serious with anybody yet.” Try not to Get Busted Abstain from heading off to your most loved places when you date various individuals. In the event you’re dating multiple people and you continue setting off to your most loved spots, you’re sure to see someone else you’re dating, and which will be unbelievably ungainly. Consider the possibility that they know one another.

That is to say, you haven’t met their companions, yet so it’s conceivable they all hang out together and before you know it you appearing for one of their football games and acknowledging you’re dating people from similar team. Limits Verify if the individuals you are dating with know the limits. Don’t lie about your affections for the purpose of sex or to ensure them. Tell a date when it’s over, and abstain from heading them on. In the event you’re dating numerous individuals, nonetheless observe that you’re a decent match with one, tell the others and let them proceed making use of their pursuit effortlessly. Keep your household out of it Keep your household out of it when you’re dating different individuals. Letting your friends and family satisfies the individuals you date isn’t awful since you can get them legit presumptions and settle in a good way about what’s going on. Simply, don’t acquaint your dates with your family, particularly your folks. Under typical circumstances they may send a compelling (and confirmed) message to your date, that wont affect you any good.

Keep a Track You need to calendar them consecutive nevertheless’ve seen enough sitcoms to realize that’s not a decent thought. Ugh, yet it would be such a great amount of simpler to calendar one after the other so that you don’t need to go home in the middle. Ideally, at the same bar so you could simply sit there throughout the night unmoving like on a sped dating. The only difference would be your secret way of dating multiple people at the same time, not that obvious as at a speed dating. Don’t Play this Game Don’t make an effort to live like that forever. You might need to date different people at the same time just for a while. And since you decided who you really want to build your relationship with it is possible to simply move on with someone. Playing such a role forever will make your daily life too difficult and most of the time miserable. As you never know where you can go on your date, so that you won’t be noticed by others. You can’t introduce your dates to your friends and family without answering to multiple questions from both sides. And eventually you will be tired of all this game. Dating multiple people at the same time may be really hard, and since we showed you all the advantages and disadvantages of this variety of dating, we have been sure you possibly can make a right decision on whether you should take action or not. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading…

Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: Dating, dating advice I have a nice rack. It’s basically a fact. And that rhyme is whiggity wack! Okay all joking aside:  Being in possession of said nice rack from the tender age of 13 I must admit I have misused it from time to time, yes sometimes it can be a crutch and used for the powers of evil!  By evil, of course I mean getting things at no cost that other less fortunate women not in possession of a nice rack must pay for: Drinks, free oil changes, backstage passes (yes I am serious),  free Starbucks (yes coffee!). Oh the list could do not delay – actually it does go on. So logic would dictate that if nothing else, my rack would allow me to excel in the dating world and in turn in the hot loving/make out world. It’s really a simple mathematical equation: If B (breasts) then C (copious making out). So then gentle readers ask me the final time I had a date and I will honestly and joyfully tell you, “Last week”.  I’m able to and will go on about the awesome Sushi we had, how the conversation just flowed, how I got a little tipsy off too many Kirins and I will probably smile as I recount play by the first two thirds of the night. Just don’t ask me about the last third because you will probably be in for a scowl and silence. Why this silence you ask? Well ask me the last time I got hot and heavy and got past first base and I will sadly but honestly tell you, “Umm?”  “Umm” of course meaning I don’t know, meaning it is often a long time.

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I don’t know where I went wrong but for the past six months, except for one short two- week long oasis of totally respectable sexual intercourse I have gotten no play. Wait I want to re-phrase that: I get play. Let’s not shortchange my skills here!   Rather I get polite play. I get Disney Pixar, G-rated play. I get “It was really nice to meet up with you we have to totally do this again”, play! And they mean it, it’s like they really want to get to know me! What gives? Am I throwing out too much of a “respectable” vibe? Does dating morph into this after the age of 30? In the back of my mind I hear these men chanting the classic 80’s lyrics of Jermaine Stewart lyrics, “Come on baby, wont you show some class, why you wish to move so fast? We don’t have to take our clothes off, to truly have a good time…” Really is this even politically correct of me to write about? Well when it is not I do not even care at this point.

This is a dating site for crying out loud and if anyone tells you that hoping for a hot and heavy make-out session is not one of the main goals of dating, then they certainly are a filthy liar. That and they are probably one of the people I have been dating. (See Sushi date previously referenced). Please do not get me wrong, like everyone else out there I would love to find “The One”, to be in love, to truly have a steady Saturday night date partner, but more importantly to have some one that was obligated to produce out with me on a regular basis, who knows maybe even…GASP… “Do It” with me from time to time! Until then me and my nice rack will continue to drive home frustrated and alone from every one of these awesomely G-rated dates. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, For Women, Opinion, Self Tagged in: Dating, observations, Relationships, Sex If your boyfriend has a pet, you can be certain that it is critical to him. If you and the pet don’t get along, it could be bad news for your relationship!

it is critical to demonstrate that you can be compatible with his pet or he may feel you are incompatible with him also. Fortunately, even if you aren’t an animal-lover, it is possible to still form a decent relationship with your boyfriend’s animal. So, take these easy steps to assure his pet will love you: Petting Most animals enjoy being petted and it demonstrates that you aren’t afraid of the pet. This makes petting is a great place to start. You will know the pet is enjoying your attention if he leans towards you as you are petting. Even if you do not like animals truly, forcing yourself to show some love through petting is the a great way to show your boyfriend you care enough to try! Treats Animals love treats. The pet will actually be excited to see you if she knows that you typically bring treats. It is possible to give a treat upon arrival, or if the pet does something good. Both have their benefits and will show your boyfriend, and the pet, you care. Don’t forget about your boyfriend while showing his pet love; bring a (human) treat along for him as well! Toys Animals love to play. Bring a toy along that is specific to the pet your boyfriend has.

Dogs often love chewing toys they can tear apart, while cats love toys they can chase. If you are not sure what toy is best, check out a local pet store if not check out online pet supplies. Both has many a few ideas for any type of pet. They can also give you idea of what sort of toy would suit the age and needs of your boyfriend’s pet. Play Simply bringing a toy around won’t always have the desired effect. Pets want attention, and the more you give it, the more they love you. In fact, most pets will love the person who pays the most attention to them best. Take your boyfriend’s dog on a walk, or play catch. If your boyfriend has a cat, let her pounce on an object you are moving around. Be sure to give the pet a friendly and sincere greeting every time you see it. By playing with his pet, you are not just impressing your boyfriend, but you are having fun and maybe even getting some exercise as well! Be Patient Every pet is a little different. Nonetheless, with most animals, letting them initiate the contact is the safest practice. Many animals also do not like direct eye contact and see it as a sign of aggression. Be patient as a pet gets to know you and don’t force any type of contact.

Let him smell you and get used to him for as long as might be necessary. If the pet feels safe, he will like you more. If the pet likes you more, your boyfriend will be happier! Next time you go to go to your sweetie, don’t forget about his little friend. If he sees how well you get along with his longtime friend, he will be much more likely to see long-term potential in your relationship. Not only are each of these steps simple, but they will bring you and your boyfriend closer together. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook2Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: boyfriend, Dating, pet, relationship And I’m a creeper with a heart of gold, right?   “Good crazy” doesn’t exist. If this concept sounds reasonable to you, you could stop reading right now. But what if you’re one of those people—they are usually women but are by no means restricted to determining aided by the female gender—who refuse to believe this? What if you honestly think an introductory OkCupid message stating, “I don’t know if you’re awesome in an insane way or insane in an awesome way” is a compliment? Well, hello there!

How are you on this fine day? PS—You are crazy and this article is for you. As opposed to examining how “good crazy” with regards to dating is just a thing people believe in to feel better about having ruined potential relationships because of the cuckoo factor, let’s look at a few dating/relationship scenarios together. Scenario 1: You’re on a first date and the guy sitting across from you (that’s your date, in the event you wondered) has just asked about your last relationship. You know you’re not likely to speak about past relationships on the first date, but he plainly desires to know, so that you launch into the saga of you and X, which, while it was over a year ago, is still somehow fresh enough in your mind to take 92 minutes (including one bathroom break) to tell. Does this sound like something a crazy person would do? If you said yes: don’t do it. When you take action anyway, just remember: the longest word in English takes over 3 hours to say out loud. Make an effort to keep your story under that time limit. Scenario 2: It’s the end of a first date. The guy hugs you good night the way he would hug his grandmother if he had never met his grandmother before and she sort of creeped him out for some reason after having only talked to her for an hour. You realize this relationship is approximately to go nowhere, so once you get home, you email the guy a goodbye email so that you don’t have to wait around wondering whether he will ever contact you.

Does this sound like something a crazy person would do? If you said yes: don’t do it. When you take action anyway, just remember: your email should be funny and smart so at least the guy will wonder whether he might have really liked you if only you weren’t so crazy. Scenario 3: It’s been four days since a second date. After exchanging texts for two nights straight following a last date, you haven’t heard from the guy in the next two days. You assume he has lost interest and, not wanting to seem pathetic by texting him to say hi such as a normal person, you text him to ask why he had a change of heart. Does this sound like something a crazy person would do? If you said yes: don’t do it. When you take action anyway, just remember: you have no way of knowing whether or not the lack of response to your text is a direct results of asking why he changed his mind after merely 48 hours without communication. It could have been any quantity of other things you did. Scenario 4: You’ve been on several dates, so that you are plainly still in the getting-to-know-you phase. One day, the guy does something he would don’t have any way of knowing annoys you, and you just are actually in a bad mood (which he would don’t have any way of guessing). You make a big—like Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups are instantly discontinued big—deal out of it so as not to give the impression that you will sit back and tolerate behavior that someone doesn’t even realize bothers you. Does this sound like something a crazy person would do?

If you said yes: don’t do it. When you take action anyway, just remember: you have the potential here to completely mess up a good thing, so pick a behavior or action that truly does bother you a lot, like some one eating your last Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup. Let’s review: If you still think there is such a thing as good crazy, there is absolutely no hope for you. Unless…acting “insane” is merely your subconscious’ way of saying you two aren’t right for each other, because when you do finally meet that person who both appreciates your particular brand of madness and loves you for it, not only will it be form of remarkable but you will also—coincidentally—no longer be compelled to act so nutso in the first place. But that’s crazy talk. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Featured Say what?… As soon as your rebound uses you. Let that sink in for a moment. I’ve been burning to write a piece about this. The reality is human nature can sure be incredibly fickle.

And with fickleness, comes both the sharp and insipid. Yes, people use each other all the time, but what really constitutes as mutual usage/rebound-ness? And is it justified if both parties have ulterior motives? One of my insistent theories is that any new true love connection you have is merely simply a rehashing or rebound from the previous one. So to me, it comes down to only three potential outcomes. (below are a few intimate anecdotes to illustrate).