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The making of legends!

Hunting legends

Our Mission:

“Hunting Legends Africa is a specialist African hunting corporation committed to offering our clients the best hunting adventures, destinations, trophies and most important an – all in one service in Africa”

Customer Value:

We offer more than just another hunt. Our commitment to ensuring quality, affordability and above all results, is our key value!

Our reputation for providing our clients with the best African hunting Safaris & Adventures comes from our experience and commitment to providing world class destinations, quality accommodations, experienced professional staff and an intimate knowledge of the countries and areas we hunt in.

All inclusive pricing:

We strive to offer our clients not only the best destinations, quality accommodations and world class trophies, BUT, we also offer you great value for money!

Honesty and Integrity:

There are no surprises when you book an African hunting safari with us. Our all-inclusive African hunting safaris always include all trophy fees, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport and even daily laundry. You will know the exact cost of your trip before you spend a dime. Any additional charges are always disclosed up front.

Professionalism and Experience:

Our avid professional hunters and experienced staff members, provide you several decades of collective experience and we proudly offer this vast wealth of hunting knowledge to our clients. We are confident that our African hunting safaris are the best in the world.

hunting legends


Hunting Legends Africa is fast growing into one of the most formidable and biggest hunting organizations in the world. Not only do we offer world class hunts to Africa, Argentina & North America, we also offer world class hunting, fishing, golfing and photographic safaris to a number of high quality International destinations.

If you are looking for a large Yukon Moose, high scoring White Tail, Elk of a life time or Cape Buffalo hunt, then you are at the right place!

  • Or maybe you’re looking for a great Fishing expedition, Golfing Safari or a Red Stag in New Zealand, Bear in Russia, Leopard in Zimbabwe, Elephant in Tanzania or Crocodile hunt in Mozambique – we do it all!
  • From high volume bird hunts to Argentina or Plains Game hunting in Namibia, we can offer you the best deal and world class facilities right here.
  • We offer Golfing enthusiasts the opportunity to golf in a number of world class destinations, from North America or Scotland, to Africa and Mexico. Combine your golfing vacation with a fishing or hunting expedition and bring the family, we have it all.

For more information on what Hunting Legends International and our hand picked partners can offer you, please contact us and we will provide you with a FREE QUOTE.


Our success is driven by a team of committed and experienced people who care for the industry we serve in, and for providing you with the best adventure safari and trip you will ever get to experience.

Hunting Legends International has grown from humble beginnings as a small African Outfitter to an International Organization with a multitude of destinations accross the globe. We have offices in Africa and North America, ready to help you get that trip of a life time planned.

Our name:

The Hunting Legends name was chosen for several reasons, the most important being the respect we have for many legendary people, who have served our industry well and continue to do so, by having laid the foundations of a sport fit for kings.

Although perceived by many people to be an unethical and ruthless sport (hobby), hunting is a sport of kings and gentlemen. Unfortunately the world also finds itself filled with people who are uninformed and believe that hunting is barbaric.

We will stop at nothing to inform people as to how important sport and trophy hunting has become to the benefit of conservation at large, We can prove that trophy hunting has saved AFRICA’S WILD LIFE more than it has done any damage! If it hadn’t been for hunting, there would much less conservancy areas in Africa and the world at large.

Hunters like you, spend large amounts of money annually to do what they do and this money invested in large to build and protect the very areas and species we hunt. We plow back more than we harvest and we only take the old and mature animals, leaving the cream of the crop to flourish and breed. This simple yet proven concept of conservation has seen the rapid growth and development of conservation throughout the world, not only in Africa.

Large tracts of land, previously stripped for cattle ranching has now found it being rehabilitated to it’s former wildlife grandure and beauty – thanks to you, the trophy hunter!

We pay tribute to every single person who has paid for the privilege of hunting ethically and we salute. You are a legend in your own right and you deserve the applause of the world and should be recognized as a get out and do it person. Someone who doesn’t just pay lip service to your cause, but who outs your money where your mouth is.

Keep up hunting and teach your children, friends and family to hunt – IT IS A SPORT OF KINGS!