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They are also more expensive than our number one pick. Our Doberman Pinscher tester was infatuated with the way this ball bounced and wobbled around the ground as if it were alive. However, keep an eye on the ball because our tester lost track of the ball a few times as it bounced back over his head in the opposite direction.

It is also compatible with the Chuckit ball launchers. So if you want to give your arm a rest you can use it here too. It can even be popped into the dishwasher when your dog has finished playing, to prevent it from getting unpleasant. It is a virtually indestructible dog ball, which can also act as a treat dispenser.

My Dog Ate My Chuck It Dog Toy!

The size isn’t really a problem, because since it sits upright and the weight is at the bottom, it just wobbles or they can roll it on its side anywhere they want. But for smaller, less rambunctious dogs, you should probably choose the right size for their weight. This toy is the best alternative to real sticks you’ll find. Unfortunately, sticks are very unsafe as shards of wood can lodge in dog’s throats or gums. KONG flyer is perfect for a high energy dog who loves to run and jump. With our little compulsive chewers, Nylabone still lives after two years. Although you might want to watch out for how sharp the edges get after a long time of chewing.

Some will snuggle up to soft toys and carry them around, others will shake everything ferociously, excavate stuffing and rip up even the toughest toy you can find. We’ve gathered our favourites all here for you in one place. Jump straight to the category you are looking for with this handy list. Or read on to find out more about large breeds and their toys.

If you are struggling with puppy teething troubles or looking for help dealing with chewing then visit our behaviour and puppies section for plenty of advice on how to cope. Rachael the chocolate Labrador has an endless enthusiasm chuck it for fetching things. And I was having a hard time challenging her with my erratic throwing capabilities. Chuckit provide a range of ball launchers, but this is the one that we use and I must admit that I am a huge fan.

With 19 clever hiding spots, the Flower is excellent for food-motivated pups that are up for a challenge. This puzzle is made using certified wood and water-based varnish that is both people and pet-safe. Flipo, including slow feeders and options for small dogs and cats. No one likes cleaning up stuffing, so try the Invincibles Snake instead.

We bought one of these for Toby when he was a puppy with lots of energy and still use it with him every summer. We hope you love the products we’ve carefully selected to recommend! As an Amazon Associate we earn a small share from qualifying purchases. You might bounce the ball into a street or perhaps even a river where the current can be exceptionally strong. Lucy is a writer and blogger, who regularly provides posts for The Labrador Site.