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August 27, 2013 in Gunroom

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The .416 Rigby has earned itself the name as perhaps, one of the best and generally considered excellent allrounder big calibre rifles in Africa. Not only is it versatile in use, but also carries enough punch to put down the biggest game in Africa. The .416 has become popular and is widely used by many PH’s and hunters in Africa today. What improves it’s popularity is the fact that the .416 can also be used to hunt general plainsgame, such as Kudu, Eland and Blue Wildebeest for example.

If you are interested in guns and rifles, I highly recommend that you visit the site of my friend Steve, who owns the Firearm Blog. Steve is passionate about guns and serves up some of the most interesting and informative articles on rifles, guns, ammo and weaponry. Read one of Steve’s following articles below. You can also find a useful link to Steve’s blog in our sidebar – ADDITIONAL INFO – A SUPER SITE FOR GUN ENTHUSIASTS

Although the Rigby is perhaps the most well known and popular rifle in the 416 range, Ruger and Hornady have teamed up to produce the new .416 Ruger cartridge which will be available next year (2009). The 416 has become parhaps the most common and most used allround big game rifle in Africa today. Packing more punch than it’s little brother the .375, the 416 has definitely found it’s way into the world of hunting.

Check out the following video put together by the Ruger and Hornady guys. We’re sure you will find it interesting and informative. If you are considering hunting the big stuff in Africa, then a 416 will be a very good choice of gun, seeing that it certainly carries enough punch (providing you use the right ammo) and it can be used for hunting your bigger plainsgame species as well.

The round is basically a necked up .375 Ruger and offers performance comparable to the classic .416 Rigby in a standard length cartridge. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye bolt action will be available chambered in this cartridge.

Hornady claim on their website that the 416 Ruger offers the same performance in the compact 20″ barreled Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan as the .416 Rigby in a full length rifle. 416 Ruger cartridge delivers the same performance as the fabled 416 Rigby, but does it in a shorter 20″ barreled Ruger Hawkeye rifle that is extremely compact and easy to carry.

I am skeptical about this claim. It will be interesting to see what results firearm magazine writers get when they test the ammunition.

Ruger M77® Hawkeye® Bolt Action Rifle (Hkm77Rsphhm) Overview

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan (20″ Barrel) Ballistic infomation:

Picture 61

Click to expand. Product Video (there are a couple of video snippets at the start of charging elephants being shot. Really crazy stuff!):

The .375 Ruger has proved to be popular and I think so could the .416 Ruger. The standard length action is a compelling reason to choose this cartridge over the .416 Rigby and .416 Rem. Mag.

If you are set on getting a big gun such as this, we will also recommend you speaking to our friends at RW HART & COMPANY. Bobby and Wally Hart are fourth generation custom rifle builders and they are now launching a 40 HART ULTRA MAGNUM. The 40 HART will carry the same punch as the 416, however will outperform any rifle in this category with custom precision and accuracy.

You can contact BOB HART yourself by visiting their website right here and he would be happy to help: BOB HART

African Big Game Rifles – 375 Holland and Holland

August 27, 2013 in Gunroom


Big rifles (348 x 233)(1)

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The debate of what hunting rifle  is the best for hunting big game in Africa, will certainly always carry on. In fact it ends up being more of a hunters choice that capability of the rifles.

Obviously one cannot hunt the African big game with a small calibre, not that it hasn’t been done before. In fact many big game has been taken with much smaller calibre’s in the past, than is allowed today. The obvious reason being that legislation has been passed, forcing a minimum calibre size for big game.

The most well known and popular calibres are:

  • .375 H&H
  • .416 Rigby
  • .458 Weatherby
  • .470 Nitro Express
  • .500 Nitro Express
  • .505 Gibbs

In most African countries the minimum calibre prescribed for hunting the big stuff is a .375 Calibre. This does not necessarily imply that a .375 calibre is the best, it only dictates that this is the minimum calibre allowed.The reason for this is first and foremost, hunters safety and secondly ensuring that the animal doesn’t suffer and that the kill is fast and efficient.

When deciding on a calibre for big game, a few things need to be taken into consideration. The first and obvious thing is to decide on a calibre which will serve you well in the future. It isn’t perhaps wise (unless your budget allows this) to buy a rifle you may only use very little in your hunting career. When one takes this into consideration, then the lighter big guns are certainly more effective, being a .375 or .416 calibre.

A .375 is certainly a much more user friendly and more of an all rounder than the big stuff, however the .416 Rigby’s do carry more punch. There is unfortunately no substitute for punch when dealing with the big game. Encounters are often up close and personal and hence, you need stopping power. The big guns certainly have that, and I always smile on the remark a hunter made when asked why he chose a 500 Nitro Express to hunt with – he’s answer; “because they don’t make 900!”

An excellent all rounder rifle for hunting in Africa is obviously thus a .375 H & H. If you have one of these excellent, however, it all depends what you are interested in hunting and how often. If you are only going to take one of the big 5, or seldom use a heavy calibre, we will advise you to get yourself a ligther calibre (.375) as a good African allrounder rifle. We have plenty of big guns for you to use should you want to shoot the big stuff and not go to the expense of purchasing a rifle which would otherwise be standing in the gun safe most of the time.

However, if you are one of those gun nuts such as we are, and you want something bigger of your own, consider investing in either a .375 HART ULTRA MAGNUM or then the NEW 40 HART which is being launched soon. We have the privelege of knowing the HART FAMILY out of Nescopeck Pensylvania USA, for many years. These are fourth generation custom rifle builders – and the real deal when it comes to accuracy and high performance rifles. They are also the most humble and down to earth honest people we know, so when dealing with the Hart’s you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get great advice and real value for money.

Farther and son combination WALLY (Snr) and BOBBY HART (Jnr) are perfectionists when coming to custom rifles. They are propably some of the most knowledgable people in the rifle manufacturing business, and Bobby holds several long distance shooring records. The .375 Hart Ultra Magnum is truly a rifle in it’s own class and we had the privelege of shooting these rifles in Africa during 2008. In fact we own one of these rifles now and boy do they out-perform their rivals in distance and comfort. Amazingly light, extremely accurate even at 400 yards, and with less kicking punch than a 30.06. Shooting the .375 Hart Ultra Magnum felt like sniping the bigger game with a heavy calibre, while even a lady wouldn’t labour carrying this rifle at all.

While we are waiting for the launch of the 40 HART Rilfes, we personally use .416 Rigby’s as our standard back up rifles. However, I personally also favour the 505 Gibbs, as a serious stopper and back-up gun, depending on hunting environment and animal specie. We have a fairly big collection of rifle’s in our group, so as mentioned should you decide on hunting with us, and you don’t have a big calibre, don’t fret – you can choose one of many in our collection. Read all about the gun of a new era below!


RW HART & SON in the USA are in the process of manufacturing a new .40 Calibre called a .40 Hart Ultra Magnum. This rifle has serious stopping power and compares to the .416 favorably. The main advantage is that it is affordable and will have a much better long range ballistic than any other big calibre rifle’s in this range. We are looking forward to the launching of this rifle which is expected towards the end of the year.

We have also inculded an interesting article in this post about the .375 Calibre, which you may find very informing. Whatever your decision on rifle calibre and choice is, we recommend that you spoeak to us first before spending a great deal of money unnecessarily. We have many years of experience and can give some good advice. If you are in the US and want some good advice quickly, contact the RW HART team and speak to Bobby Hart.

The Hart family are renowned for their honesty and boy, do they know their stuff. Hart rfiles are custom built guns and excellent value for money! You can find the Hart team at: www.rwhart.com Please mention that you were referred to them by us and while you’re speaking to them, you can also ask for a referrence about our services and our guns!

Bobbys Impala

Bobby Hart, his trusted 30 Hart and a 32′ Impala freak trophy.

If you live in Africa or find Africa closer to you, you are also welcome to contact us for more information as we have been appointed as the official agents for HART RIFLES in AFRICA. You can can find all our contact information on our website.

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