Conservation against Hunting?

August 28, 2013 in Conservation, Hunting Info


  • Why do so called pure conservationists blame ethical hunting so much?
  • Is it due to facts or mostly ignorance?
  • Are hunters indeed the scum of the earth as conservationist so easily criticize?
  • How many hunters are found criticizing conservationists publicly?

This is the topic of this FORUM and we invite you to participate in a sensible and responsible manner please. Use your common sense please and refrain from being vulgar or abusive as this wont be tolerated on our website.

This is an important topic and perhaps humanity and mankind will be best served if we can understand each others view points and enter into logic and sensible debate, which can contribute towards a better understanding of each persons opinion.

  • Why do many so called pure conservationists blame ethical hunting so much?The reason is quite simple in our opinion:You have killers and you have ethical hunters!We agree on one thing already – there are many animal killers who don’t deserve the right to even call themselves hunters. They are nothing else than mere butchers and there only interest is to kill and gloat alongside their trophies. Unfortunately the world is still full of these people. They will go to all extremes and pay any amount of money just to have their quarry, irrespective of the consequences.

    These are animal killers (like the worst rhino poachers) who don’t have any ethics and could care less if they shoot the last living member of a specie. They are willing to shoot canned and drugged animals. They could care less about conservation and only care for killing what’s in front of them. They don’t even practice the art of fair chase and getting to experience and cherish nature, all they care for is pulling the trigger and boasting their accomplished shot.


    There are undoubtedly many such cases in history and unfortunately many co-called legends in the hunting industry boast their accomplishments in history of how many animals (elephants as an example) they have shot merely for their ivory.

    Do we or any other ethical hunter condone or approve of the mass killing of animals?

    Of course not?

    Fortunately, the industry is not just made up of butchering killers and these people in fact, are only a small portion of the industry at large. If this was not the case, we ourselves would vote to stop the hunting of all animals and support conservation at large to rid the world from all hunters.

    However, there is a different story to this whole controversial scenario. Please allow us to explain.

    From the moment mankind put up the first fence in this world, we as humanity have taken the responsibility on us to manage and govern wildlife from that day going forward.

    Animals used to have the freedom to roam about this earth and fend for themselves. They had the freedom to move when necessary and find water and food wherever they could. The moment the first fence was erected that obligation to feed and sustain was left to mankind. We suddenly found ourselves as self appointed custodians of nature.

    We all developed cities, industry, agricultural farms and towns alike. Not the hunters, all of mankind was responsible for this. Why, in order to sustain ourselves!

    Wildlife as it was known, was changed for ever and man infringed on land which wildlife at large used to roam on freely.

    Quite technically we are all to blame and our own growth in numbers has caused the world to change and we encroached on land which was free for all, man and animals alike.

    Fortunately some of our ancestors had the foresight to see this and a number of national parks were created all over the world, to serve as sanctuaries for wildlife. Was this enough though? Could a few national parks in every country suddenly be sufficient to protect previous vast herds of animals from every imaginable specie?

    No of course not.

    Private game parks and game sanctuaries followed as did game farms or areas for hunting purposes. Unfortunately somebody has to pay for these sanctuaries as we are entrusted to manage these sanctuaries. Even the large sanctuaries need to be managed and kept, and all of this costs money. Some of these reserves are well visited by tourists and others are not. Some of these sanctuaries are well funded and others are not. A very small amount of all these sanctuaries are indeed financially self sustainable and in fact most are not. Most rely on hand outs, grants, donations and financial support from elsewhere.

    People talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    Sure, everybody wants to see wildlife protected for generations to come and easily voice their opinions publicly about this, however, not enough people in this world dig into their own pockets and spend enough money visiting these sanctuaries themselves or donating to them.

    Not enough money is raised to sustain these sanctuaries and thus most border on the verge of bankruptcy and maintain a below needed existence.



    When animals could roam about freely, there numbers were kept in check by nature itself. Nature took care of over population, through droughts, diseases, carnivores, hunters and over population was naturally in balance. Then came man and then came fences. Entrusted to protect and care for these animals, man ensured that diseases were eliminated, drought and fire was eliminated to great extent as man started interfering and managing nature himself. Hunters were banned and water wells were sunken.

    With no more natural enemy, animals started to flourish and grow in numbers beyond imagination. All was good for man, or so we thought!

    Over population of animals, resulted in less natural food, habitats being destroyed and a bigger problem appeared. An over population of just one specie – ELEPHANTS, saw natural forests in Botswana disappear. The very same animals we are protecting are destroying their own habitat – after all they don’t have a choice and nowhere to go!

    What now? Massive over population of elephants exists in many countries such as Botswana, the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Zimbabwe and nowhere to go? They are destroying their own habitat.

    Do we now get into planes and shoot and kill whole elephant herds (families) just to protect them, or what do we do. This is being done as we speak!!! Elephants are being culled, big and small, defenseless and unnecessary and why? Because we decided to protect them in the first place and fenced them in! They have nowhere to go, no natural enemies and simply outgrow the carrying capacity of the areas they live in.

    Is this humane and what is called conservation?

    National Parks rangers having to shoot and cull the very animals they so love and cared for? The horrible truth is, they have no choice or the elephants would soon destroy themselves, so these animals are shot by the hundreds and culled mercilessly and its done in utmost privacy so that radical conservationists don’t find out about this. It is kept quiet to prevent public outcries but it is nevertheless done, they have no choice!!

  • Is the hate against hunters based on facts or mostly ignorance?It is our opinion that many people who simply criticize and even verbally abuse hunters are mostly ignorant and not even willing to listen to our story.If you are not one of them and if you are a true conservationist, please allow us to explain!Yes, we are hunters. Yes, we shoot animals! Yes, we love our sport.

    But are we all butchers and murderous killers? Are we threatening the very existence of the species we hunt?

    Not by a long chance and only if you allow us the opportunity to explain, will you get a glimpse into reality and start to understand the real truth and how much hunting actually has helped and continues to help conservation at large.

    Many of the game reserves we hunt on and own today, is land which had many years ago been used by settlers as land for farming cattle and crops. These settlers had to fight nature in order to make their own living. Many of these settlers have records indicating existence of thousands of wild animals on their farms when they first arrived there. But to make room for civilization, these farms were cleaned and rid of almost all animals, as wildlife was a threat to domestic animals and of very little value to the old people.

    Millions of acres was rid from wildlife and animals altogether, simply killed to make room for domestic animals and crops. Trees were bulldozed to make room for crops and nature was destroyed to make room for what we refer to as growth and civilization.

    Ironically, radical conservationists do not talk about these old people, the settlers who destroyed millions of acres of nature and also everything that moved or lived on these lands.

    They are heralded in history books alike as being the pioneers! Pioneers which carved their existence into harsh and dangerous landscapes, making room for civilization and people to follow.

    As little as 80 years ago most of these lands or areas abounded with wildlife and nature flourished, however, nature and wildlife was of little financial reward to these old people and posed more threat than benefit, hence man fenced, killed, built and developed what he afterwards proudly showed as his farm.

    Gone was nature, gone were all the wild animals and gone was conservation. All replaced by cows, pigs, goats, horses, sheep, chickens, maize, crops and tractors.

    These were pioneering farmers – the heart of our countries and the people who fed all in the cities – and still do, to this day!

    Can we justifiably criticize them, can we all look on these farmers today and dare bad mouth them? I guess not, because the very food in your mouth comes from these same farms, the very same farms which were home to all the animals of this earth?

    Now we come along – the hunters.

    We buy up these farms, which have all seen better days, as technology has changed and many of these generations of pioneering farmers have disappeared from the scene. We rebuild the farms from scratch and change them back into private game sanctuaries. We take down the cattle fences, we demolish all the shacks, old sheds and cattle pens, we replace cattle, pigs, sheep and goats with all the wildlife which used to roam here before.

    Through proper management we rid the farm of alien plants, we re-establish the land as it was before and we now have more than 4000 wild animals roaming about freely on 25000 acres of unspoilt nature again – just in one of our private reserves.

    We sustain ourselves financially by allowing trophy hunters to come to our private wildlife sanctuaries (which we personally bought, paid for, developed and saved from disaster) and hunt our old & mature male animals, which are beyond their prime productive time. We manage our animal population extremely scientifically as it is the backbone to our business. We only shoot a numbered amount of animals every year. We create jobs for local hungry people, we feed them and we look after our own wildlife sanctuaries as if our lives depend on it – because it does!

    Yet we are ridiculed and blamed for being murderous cowards.

    Cowards, because we put nature first in our lives, rebuilt farms which were destroyed by settlers, re-introduced all the animals which used to roam these lands and protect it for generations to come – yet we are scum?

  • THERE ARE ETHICAL HUNTERS OUT HERE – BELIEVE IT OR NOTYes, we even hunt elephant. Elephant which are destroying their own habitat and killing themselves. If not controlled these very same elephants would have absolutely nothing to eat. They are destroying themselves, only because their are to many of them!What should we do? Allow them to grow in numbers and demolish all the forests which they so desperately depend on? Should we merciless just kill them as Parks do? Or, should we regulate their numbers through controlled and sustainable hunting and at least generate more money for conservation?Should we allow all wildlife animal species to simply flourish beyond control? Should we allow and condone the national park rangers to simply kill and cull whole herds of animals?

    Or should we all take note, face the problem and find sustainable solutions to protect and sustain for generations to come.

    Almost every proud and ethical hunter I know, will go to the ends of the earth and invest their own money to see that wildlife is protected for all generations to follow.

    We are indeed conservationists at heart ourselves and go to extremes to protect the very areas, land and wildlife we hunt on – believe it or not!


As long as radical conservationists refuse to see both sides of the coin, we will always fight each other instead of fighting for the same cause.

Put nature first – in its entirety – not just the elephant or the lion.

If you love nature as much as we do, then the commando ants, the 200 year old Acasia trees, the little dung beetle, the antelope to the elephant and everything in between, should be as important to you. It takes 5 years to breed and replace a big lion – it takes generations to replace that same old tree.

Look at nature holistically and fight for its existence, no matter where.

If wildlife and nature is flourishing in Public Game Parks, Private Wildlife Sanctuaries or Hunting Reserves, it does not matter – because NATURE IS THE BENEFICIARY AND IS WINNING AGAINST EXTINCTION!

If you succeed in banning hunting at large – YOU WILL DESTROY millions of acres of land, wildlife and nature again!

Think before you criticize and use your money to help fight against corruption, unethical practices and poverty in the world, rather than spending your time and money fighting a perceived threat – the trophy hunter!

The problem is that many innocent people such as you – are victims of corruption yourself!

You are rallied in support of banning hunting, because you are appealed to by so called conservationists trying to ban hunting and in need of your support and money. You are a victim of emotional abuse as they use photos of dead animals to win your heart and not facts to win over your logic.

Most of these people don’t have facts and don’t rely on statistics to sell you into their causes, they use photography and emotional marketing campaigns to solicit support and raise millions & millions of dollars throughout the world.

If you are a true conservationists, open your eyes and your wallet, but not by donating to such so called worthy charities! Take your money and your time and visit these parks, sanctuaries and protected areas yourself.

You will soon realize (especially in Africa) that poverty and corruption is a bigger threat to wildlife and nature, than hunting could ever be!

Millions and millions of dollars are raised for saving some animal specie in Africa every year. (Example – Elephants, Rhino, Lions etc)

These charities seem to be worthy and put the money to some good use, however, if you really want to support your cause, put your mind and time into it and not just your heart:

  • Poverty is our biggest threat.
  • When people have nothing they will do anything.
  • When people do anything you have nothing.
  • Take your money and visit our beloved Africa.
  • Visit our wonderful parks and spend your well earned money on a vacation, not a charity.
  • That is all Africa and all our WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES need – is you!
  • Your presence is worth more than your donation.
  • Your presence creates Jobs.
  • Jobs creates wealth and prosperity.
  • This is what Trophy Hunters are doing every year!
  • You can do the same in our eco-tourist parks and make a difference – not a noise!

Visit Africa today!

We will support any person who is against the hunting of endangered wildlife species. We will also support and fight any cause against the extinction of our natural forests and wildlife at large, no matter who they are. However, we will also fight any person who does not first hand come and see what we ourselves are doing to protect the very same assets in mention.

Don’t let emotion get the better of your judgement, allow facts and nature to be the winner in this plight – not your heart.



Hunting and Safari Offices now open in Dubai

August 28, 2013 in Just Hunting

Hunting Legends expands into the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai.

Hunting Legends recently expanded its service offerings to our growing client base, when we opened our office in the Middle East. The new office is located in Dubai and headed up by Outdoor Specialist – Sultan Mohammed Muller. Born and raised in Austria, Sultan not only speaks English and German fluently, but also commands a thorough knowledge of Arabic as he currently serves a number of the Royal Families in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as personal consultant to their Hunting, Fishing, Deep Sea Diving and Outdoor Safari needs.

Sultan has a thorough knowledge of the hunting industry throughout the world and specializes in personalizing and customizing hunting packages to best serve his elite customer base. If you are thus located anywhere in Europe, the United Arab Emirates or the Middle East, look no further than Hunting Legends Dubai to personalize your Hunting or Photographic Safari to Africa.

Hunting Legends has some of the finest hunting concessions throughout Africa including, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, the CAR and more. We have the best guides and professionals in the industry to customize your Safari to suit not only your highest expectations but also your budget. Please visit our contact page for full details on how you can be in contact with Sultan in person.

Timbavati Lodge

One of our fantastic lodges in the greater Kruger National Park area – South Africa

This is personalized luxury at its very best.


Hunting Legends knows how to go the full road to offering our clients the very best in Africa and nothing is spared or overlooked when providing our clients the best Africa has to offer. No matter what you are looking to do, Photographic Safaris, Hunting Safaris, Big Game Fishing Safaris or THE BIG 5 HUNTING SAFARIS itself, Hunting Legends will provide you the best there is.

  • The best areas
  • The best services
  • The best accommodations and hospitality
  • Safety and Security the whole way
  • Affordable prices and options
  • Turnkey solutions and no worries, from start to finish

A big buffalo herd while on Safari in the Timbavati with Sultan




Valley of the Kings – Great Marico is home to the Big 5 and specializes in Buffalo and Lion hunting. We also offer the very best in plains game hunting and we host a large variety of species on the very special private game reserve. We breed a range of exotic animals and are always increasing our species and trophy qualities.

The King of the Jungle roams freely on our reserves

Blonde Lion

This is Africa – welcome home!


SULTAN takes his own Red Hartebeest trophy in the Great Marico area. (Phillip and Sultan)

SULTAN takes his own Red Hartebeest trophy in the Great Marico area. (Phillip and Sultan)


The Dubai Offices are now ready to take your calls, so don’t hesitate to contact Sultan Mohammed Muller or Erich Mueller as he is known in Austria for the best service in the Middle East, Austria, Germany and Europe. You can reach Sultan best by email:

Sultan and Phillip in Dubai recently with the opening of our new office.

Sultan and Phillip

Lady Hunter Takes On Africa

August 28, 2013 in Our Friends

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes made by trophy hunters, is not taking their wives and children with them on safari?

What an experience to see a family or husband and wife team, enjoy themselves on safari and experience the thrill of seeing a “lady hunter” kick some dirt into the mens faces!

This certainly was the case when Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz from Scottsdale Arizona, joined us on safari this year. Not only are these two seasoned hunters, but also truly remarkable people and a true inspiration to all of us who accompanied them.

Her nickname – “Kudu Girl” was soon understood when Laurie Florkiewicz donned her hunting gear, took up her 300 Win Mag Blazer and said – “all right boys, lets hunt”!

No rooky to hunting and being her 6th trip to Africa, Laurie soon established herself as a true marksman and huntress of note.

Laurie Kudu

Laurie with yet another Kudu for her prized collection

This was Budd Florkiewicz’ 20th trip to Africa and this time around he wanted Laurie to do most of the shooting. Well, it didn’t take much effort to get Laurie shooting, that’s for sure. This lady was on a mission and she soon had all of us men, dead quiet in mutual respect for her shooting ability.

ONE SHOT – ONE KILL was the slogan every single day hunting with Laurie and the pressure was certainly mounting on Budd, because this beautiful lady can shoot!

In Budd’s own words … “I think, I may have created a monster here and trained her too well”

Our Professional Hunters were enjoying themselves joking on the trucks each day with no evident hard work ahead of them, as every shot taken by Laurie dropped her quarry in its tracks, time and again. No tracking skills required with this lady!

Laurie Blackwildebeest

A huge Black Wildebeest taken by Laurie

When Budd and Laurie booked this trip with us, we soon came to realize that this amazing couple knew what they wanted and have been to most parts of the world, hunting, fishing and enjoying their passion for the great outdoors.

Budd was looking for some specific trophies to finish his SCI Trophy Quest, like Puku, Lechwe and perhaps another impressive old Lion for their exquisite and elaborate trophy collection back home. Laurie was looking for more KUDU (what else?), Zebra and some nice plains game for her growing collection.

Take your family hunting …

Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz aren’t just two lovely people or just another hunting couple. These are the real deal family people and the first thing that stood out to us, was that these two people truly love and enjoy each others company. They love being and hunting together, no matter where they found themselves. And no matter what we threw at Laurie, she gracefully stood up to every challenge, took every possible shot and lived up to her name – Kudu Girl. (Perhaps one would better describe Laure now as the ONE SHOT KUDU GIRL, because she is truly a remarkable shot).

We took several valuable life lessons away from these two people and want to thank them for that and share this with you:

  • Do everything you do with passion and grace.
  • Don’t leave the family at home, make your wife or children your new hunting buddy!
  • Love your sport, love your fellow human beings and love nature with your whole heart.
  • Do good unto others and they will do good unto you. No matter who or what they are, or how much money they have or don’t have.

And …


This last line became the core joke on safari as Laurie reprimanded me daily for using to much salt! It’s bad for you Phillip, don’t use that much salt! You will loose another 20 pounds if you just stop using salt …

This lady is not only a passionate hunter, but also passionate about living healthy and she had her eyes fixed squarely on my every meal!

No salt Phillip, was the chorus sang by all during evening dinners and I was soon picked on by everyone, thanks to Laurie.

Every time we sat down for a meal, I was”in-salted” (joke).

Well Laurie, I still heed your advice, believe it or not and I have cut back on salt. Its working and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healthy advice, great fun and experience with you and Budd on safari.

It is truly a privilege to count you as our friends.

Phillip, Cornè, Ronnie & Team

If you would like to hunt with us, please contact us today for a FREE QUOTE

Budd Puku

A huge Puku taken by Budd in Zambia

Some more photos …

Budd Lion

Magnificent old Lion taken by Budd Florkiewicz

Laurie Zebra

Laurie with a truly beautiful male Zebra

Budd Lechwe

Budd with a very good Lechwe

Laurie Blesbuck

Laurie with her excellent Blesbuck taken at 240 yards.

Bargain hunts for South Africa – booking now.

August 28, 2013 in Bargain Hunts



Hunting Legends is proud to announce a special hunting offer for 2011.

The following offer has never been done before and has been made possible by a concerted effort between our land owners, partners and the Hunting Legends Marketing team.

  • This opportunity has been created to make it possible for more people to hunt South Africa
  • An initiative by Hunting Legends and our partners to promote hunting in Africa
  • An opportunity for beginners and experienced hunters to see new hunting grounds in South Africa
  • An offer like this has never been seen in Africa and is a true bargain of a life time.

If you’re still undecided about your trip to South Africa, look no further as this is truly the deal of a life time.

Travel Agents, Taxidermists and booking agents welcome.


This includes:

  • This is a group special for a minimum of 4 x hunters at a time (we can take up to 12 hunters in one camp at a time and we have three prime hunting areas to hunt in)
  • A 7 day hunting safari to South Africa for only $1000
  • 6 x nights accommodation in one of our luxury hunting camps
  • All meals included
  • Laundry done everyday
  • Transport to and from the Johannesburg International Airport
  • The services of Professional Hunters and the vehicles
  • Field preparation of your trophies, skinning and guides

This excludes:

  • Your flight ticket (approximately $1500 return from JFK New York & most European Cities.)
  • Your trophy fees (see prices at: SOUTH AFRICA PRICES 2011
  • Your dipping and shipping costs (approximately $1200 for 5 x animals)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities to staff

Requirements to qualify for this hunt:

  • This special hunting offer is available for a minimum of 4 x hunters at a time.
  • Our lodges can accommodate up to 12 x hunters and 12 x observers at a time. (5 Star Hunting Lodges)
  • More than 23 species to hunt, including CAPE BUFFALO (on request)

The view and area of Valley of the Kings Drakensberg

For more pictures of this beautiful ranch you will be hunting on, please click here:

Valley of the Kings – Drakensberg

This is a bargain of a life time for friends and family wanting to hunt South Africa. This special is only available for a minimum of 4 x hunters at a time. You can add as many people as you want, bring the family, bring observers and enjoy a true African Hunting Safari like never before.

Extra options:

  • Observers pay $2000 for the week, all inclusive
  • Add more days to your safari at $450 per person per day
  • Custom make the safari and upgrade to a BIG 5 Safari (7 x days Big 5 hunting at $750 per day per person and $1000 for a week of quality Plains Game Hunting)
  • Big 5 Specials available – Lion Hunting Special $19975 and many more …
  • Combine your hunt with a photographic safari to South Africa
  • Many more options only an email away!

Contact us today and secure your Special Plains Game Bargain Hunt to South Africa today!


Young Legends

August 28, 2013 in Just Hunting


“Legends are forged in the crucible of Africa’s wild places … the Legend within answers to the call of your hunters spirit … Don’t just be … be the Legend”

At Hunting Legends we are passionate about hunting & the great outdoors, and we cherish the value it brings to families and children alike. Spending quality time with your kids is a responsibility so often neglected by parents and quite frankly, a bitterly sad fact!

Our lives flash by us in an instant and before we know it our children are all grown up and getting on with their own lives. We often put the blame on NO TIME, NO MONEY, TO MANY OBLIGATIONS TO MEET and WORK, AND BEFORE WE KNOW IT, our children are all grown up and start to leave home.

Ask yourself this question – HAVE YOU SPENT ENOUGH QUALITY TIME with your children?

I haven’t and for that I am going to make up as fast and as best I can!

My son is the love of my life and I owe him – BIG TIME!



Exposing your child to hunting at a very young age will be the very best thing you will ever do for your child. Hunting is not just about dead animals, it’s all about creating lasting memories. Memories your child will cherish for the rest of his/her life.

Taking your child on a hunting safari is bound to change your child’s life and that’s a guarantee. In our business we are blessed and fortunate to experience many of those special moment’s when Dad and son (or daughter) discover each other in a total new way. Experiences where we watch in amazement how the children suddenly look up at their parents with eyes filled of pride and love. Your child will never forget the moment you shot your big Kudu or the day he or she shot her first Impala.

They go back home and will only talk about one thing – there safari to Africa!

You owe yourself and your children only thing in life – and that’s quality time! No better place to give them that, than your safari to Africa. Which is why we at Hunting Legends have started a program where we encourage our friends and clients to bring their children along. Children under the age of 14 can come for FREE!

Some people say we are stupid for giving away a FREE HUNT to children, however, this is our investment in our future clients for generations to come, AND, your investment in your own child who will most definitely have a life changing experience of their own.

Don’t postpone the opportunity to spend quality time with your children – bring them hunting now!

TIMBA – (Phillip Mostert Junior)

 Matimba is a nickname given to my son by the local black folk when he was born and means STRONG ONE. Since then his nickname has been abbreviated to TIMBA ,meaning LION

Timba 1(1)

Spending just another holiday at a resort somewhere, where the children play in game arcades or at the pool while you lounge and visit with your friends isn’t good enough. We need to spend QUALITY TIME with our sons and daughters and there is no better venue than nature, especially Africa, where to find that magical moments.

The magical moment when nature itself becomes the teacher, the entertainer and the setting where you and your boy will really discover each other like never before!

Taking your kid on that unforgettable hunting trip where he gets to become a man himself is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Spending hours around a camp fire, talking, joking, relaxing, educating and finding your lost soul, is the answer to any fathers questions to life.

Rediscover your child and bring him on a hunt with the Legends in Africa – a trip of a life time, and journey to a new world of love and passion for your children.

TIMBA – I love you SON!

Your dad.

Phillip Mostert Senior


Hunting for conservation and preservation!

To often we as hunters are critisized and referred to as killers. This is not true and mostly used by ill informed and biased people in society. Hunting plays an enormous part in conservation and had it not been for hunting, many species would have been extinct by now. Trophy hunters have invested Billions of Dollars into hunting over the past decades and continue to do so now. Hunting has also helped return desolate and previously abused tracts of land back to its former beauty and millions of animals have been reestablished back into the wild and nature as we have found it. All of this contributes to a better and sustainable future for society at large.

Hunting for conservation is a reality, it works and it is flourishing thanks to you the hunter!

Now we need to preserve it for our children and no better place or time to start with them, than right now in Africa.

Phillip Mostert Senior and Junior with his Impala

Phillip Junior took this nice young Impala ram with a 22.250 at 220 yards with one shot!

Phillip Junior took this nice young Impala ram with a 22.250 at 220 yards with one shot!

Taking your children hunting will change all your lives for the better! Say no to drugs and life’s common bad influences, say yes to nature and spending 24 hours a day with your son or daughter in God’s country!

We now make it a point to encourage our clients and friends alike to focus on our children and to bring them hunting, as we did with friends Hannes and Annemarie Moolman below:

Kalia (left), Lenro (front) Dr. Annemarie and Hannes Moolman

Lenro (6 years) took his Impala with a 22.250 at 240 YARDS ONE SHOT KILL too!


You can never imagine the joy and the excitement you will experience with your children hunting, even at these very young ages until you have done so! All they think and talk about is the great shot, the way we found the big bucks, the stalk, the trophy, the hunt, the experience. No televisions required, no radio’s and IPODS or Video Games, just plain good quality time!


Doctor Annemarie Moolman is a renowned Psychologist specializing in Child Psychology and a keen Outdoors-Lady herself. In Annemarie’s own words, there is no better place than nature to teach your children the true values and qualities of life, while discovering themselves.

If you’re having problems or have children with challenges, then now is the time to take action and change your lives for the better! Bring them to Africa with Hunting Legends International and enjoy a vacation of a life time and rediscover your child and yourself. Dr, Moolman offers a complete and comprehensive service to our clients and can help you with your challenges while you’re on your African Hunting Safari.

No need for consulting rooms or stressed environments, just a good hunting lodge in Africa and our majestic natural resources is all she needs to help you.

Get solutions for your problems now and discover the best therapy you will ever need.

For more information on how Dr. Annemarie can help you with your challenges, contact her today or contact us at Hunting Legends and we will make it happen for you.

Affordable, enjoyable and results driven!



Phillip, Cornè and Timba

Timba (Phillip Junior) took this Blesbuck at 160 yards on the same hunt.


And it’s not just the hunting or quality time around the camp fires, it’s also the time you have to teach your son (or daughter) all about nature, about wildlife about values and about life at large. Spending this time is worth every penny in gold and will be times you or your children will never forget. Teaching them to hunt, to conserve and to love cannot be done in a better and more exciting place than Africa with all its beauty and large variety of fauna and flora.

TIMBA learning how to skin a Black Wildebeest

Timba skinning

Hunting Legends has a special offer for you – if your son or daughter is under the age of 14, they can come for FREE!

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend that quality time with your child and will certainly be the highlight of their young life at this stage.

Lenro and Hannes with Lenro’s Springbuck

Hannes and Lenro

For more information, please contact us today:


Lenro and Timba with a Roland Ward Black Wildebeest shot by Hannes Moolman.

Timba and Lenro