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The Super 6 #250,000 jackpot prize has been promised for another time in just as many weeks, but just what would be the recipe for victory with the game?
Callum O’Hare’s 91st-minute winner for Coventry City ensured the win Jason Hodges, who had to endure an agonising wait Wycombe vs Lincoln, to its game, to complete before he could celebrate due to an elongated period of injury-time.
Sky Games take a look at the stats behind the success, and the factor together with all the Super 6 auto dealer.
Jason has performed Super 6 for four full seasonsrather than averaging over 10 points in any of these Super 6 campaigns. His highest score during that interval was 19, which consisted of three scorelines and two results that are correct.
Jason quit playing that was never his goal and could have gave in – remember it’s totally free to playwith! He continued to strive for excellence and achieved just that at 2019/20’s Super 6 around, carrying home all – a lesson to all on to not eliminate confidence and continue to put yourself.
The two winners, coming in as many months, have played with Super 6 for a lengthy time period, so why don’t you continue to play free of # 250,000 up for grabs? It may be your turn next week…
2015/16 Season:
Entered: 39
Total things: 296
Average score: 7.59
Finest score: 18
2016/17 Season:
Rounds entered: 43
Factors: 338
Score: 7.86
Very Finest score: 17
2017/18 Season:
Rounds entered: 54
Points: 377
Average score: 6.98
Best score: 15
2018/19 Season:
Rounds entered: 60
Total points: 471
Average score: 7.85
Best score: 19
2019/20 period:
Entered: 6
Total points: 54
Average score: 9
Finest score: 30
If the Premier League yields, meaning the highest points is guaranteed to win the jackpot, whether they score 30 points do not lose out on the 250,000 Super 6 around on Saturday. Play for free!
The Super 6 around of saturday:
Brighton v Burnley
Manchester United v Leicester
Sheffield United v Southampton
Tottenham v Crystal Palace
Wolves v Chelsea
Swansea v Nottingham Forest

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